Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Rant: Democrats depend on an ignorant electorate
Rolling Stone: Obama on The Tea Party & Fox News

The One Nation Rally is their left wing hissy fit
Show No. 183-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Barack Obama, The Christian President  • Audio: Obama, uh, explains his Christian faith • Rant: Obama's views and agenda defy Christianity • Jesus and socialism • Audio: Obama says 'uh' a few times • Can one become a Christian at Jeremiah Wright's church? • Obama, Christianity, and black activism • John Kerry quote on 'the electorate' • Rant: Democrats depend on an ignorant electorate! • We need young, compelling & charismatic conservatives to speak to our youth • Obama - once again - promises change and hope • Audio: Obama at the University of Wisconsin - Madison • Rant: Students are pummeled with liberalism • Audio: What would you say to Obama? • Republicans are popular because of the democrats in DC • 22,000 seniors lose Medicare Advantage • Obama omits 'creator' again • Obama pressures pastors to promote Obamacare • Audio: Obama refers to illegal aliens as 'us' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rolling Stone to the rescue: Interview with President Obama • Obama on Republicans and bipartisanship • Obama on The Tea Party and Fox News • The media is not reporting on Obama, they are supporting Obama • NY Daily News: Obama isn't radical, he's moderate • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Steve on the Earth First people crying over trees being cut down • Robert from Florida on racism in the Dept of Justice • Rant: 7 to 10 years to fire a teacher in the LAUSD • Ray on the teacher who committed suicide • Upcoming: The One Nation Rally in DC • Audio: Different organizations promote The One Nation Rally •

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