Thursday, September 30, 2010


Atty Gloria Allred represents illegal alien 
woman who worked for Meg Whitman
Rutger's student taped having sex, commits suicide

Glenn Beck on the far-left's 'One Nation' rally
Show No. 184-2010

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Opening • Democrats in congress fail to approve a budget • Democrats fail to vote on extending Bush tax cuts • Audio: Ed Schultz goes off on Chris Christie • McDonald's may cut health care benefits for hour workers • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about Obama's claim of Christianity • Cain & Abel •The left wants to say Jesus was a socialist • Sarah Palin: Part of the reason more women are involved in politics • Sarah Palin surprise guest on Dancing with the Stars • Audio: Sarah Palin booed? • Sarah Palin is a polarizing figure • Rolling Stone writes about the Tea Party • Rant: More on conservative spokespeople for college students • Obama hears more frustration from voters in another back yard appearance • Wall Street Journal: Time to try this policy: Growth •

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Opening • Audio: Glenn Beck on the 'One Nation' rally coming up this weekend • Obama, socialism and communism • The Communist Party USA is part of the 'One Nation' rally, among many other leftist groups • Obama website pushes Obama supporters to attend the 'One Nation' rally • Shooting in Chicago: Elderly woman shoots 12 year old who has harassed her • Audio: TV report from Chicago; elderly woman shoots 12 year old • Gloria Allred & Nicky Diaz put on act, possibly to derail Meg Whitman's campaign for Governor • Audio: Gloria Allred's press conference • Vicky Diaz tells her story, crying • What kind of lawyer is Gloria Allred? • Audio: Gloria Allred and a porn star sue over a woman's face on golf balls • Audio: Porn star says it must be stopped! • Rutgers student commits suicide after filmed having sex with another man • How long before the homosexual activists demand this be called a hate crime? •

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AP: Congress punts tough choice until after election
John Boehner: A vote to adjourn is a vote to raise taxes
Western Journalism: Ed Schultz calls NJ Governor Christie a 'cold hearted fat slob'
Fox News: McDonald's may drop health care plan
Rush Limbaugh: Obama learned the 'precepts of Jesus Christ' from Rev. Wright
Huffington Post: Sarah Palin booed on 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Huffington Post: Bristol Palin's 'strip tease' on Dancing with the Stars
Monsters and Critics: Sarah Palin wasn't booed
Rolling Stone: Tea and crackers
Wall Street Journal: Obama seeks to reconnect with swing-state voters
Wall Street Journal: The only policy left is growth
The Blaze: 'One Nation' rally exposed coalition of far left organizations
The Hill: Obama organizing group pushes liberal march next weekend
CBS 2 Chicago: Elderly woman shoots 12 year old boy in South Shore
Politics Daily: Former housekeeper says she 'suffered' as Meg Whitman's employee
TMZ: Video of Gloria Allred press conference
The Smoking Gun: Rutgers suspect tweeted on taping scheme
WPIX: 2 Rutgers University freshmen charged for making secret sex tape of roommate
ABC News: Victim of secret dorm sex tape commits suicide
NY Post: 2 charged with taping Rutgers student having sex


Anonymous said...

Hate crime legislation is wrong. You cannot legislate a person's thoughts.

It does not matter if it stemmed from hatred. It was an invasion of privacy, to video-tape it and to post it on the internet. --The young man was led to believe that the situation was being done in private.

If the room-mate had a problem with it, he should have not allowed it. He should have had the right to not allow any type of behavior of the sexual manner to go on in a place that they shared.

But as for the young man's death, that is no ones fault but his own. No one made him kill himself.

I am totally against homosexuality. But I am not for going into, what is believed to be a private situation and broadcasting it on the internet.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Meg Whitman is a vote for abortion.

If Row VS Wade is ever overturned, the abortion issue would go back to the states. Meg Whitman would further abortion in CA.

On her website Meg Whitman states: “I am pro-choice. Personally, I don’t want to take the choice away from women and their doctors. The U.S. Supreme Court has fully established a woman’s right to choose. I do however support reducing the number of abortions in America and believe there are limits that can be put in place to achieve this objective. I believe for minors parental consent should be required.” --

Conservative Christians should never vote for an abortion rights politician.

Scripture says that God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Think about it. If you vote for Meg Whitman, your hand is shedding innocent blood, with your vote. This is because she is an advocate for abortion. Think about it.

There is so much compromising going on in the right-wing movement. It is pathetic. This is not some little thing, to overlook. I'd sit out voting, before I voted for an advocate of baby killing.

If Jesus be for you, who shall be against you. So think about the situation, if Jesus would not be for you in. Think about it.