Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Obama won't extend UI benefits over 99 weeks
FCC votes in December to take over the internet

Rush Limbaugh: The REAL story of Thanksgiving
Show No. 218-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Liberals, dishonesty and selling out the US Constitution • Rant: Unemployment benefits and what the liberals are blaming Republicans for • Why Obama and the Democrats do not want to extend past the 99 weeks • Shocking: Your government says 'flying is a privilege' • Rant: Flying requires a naked picture of a genital grope • Audio: John Pistole defends the TSA's procedures • Audio: Glenn Beck with Judge Andrew Napolitano • Airport security, nude pictures and groping passengers • Michael Chertoff is making a lot of money to sell body scanners • Soros had 11,000 shares in the company that makes these scanners • Is Obama depending on an act of terrorism? • Music: 'Help You Make It To Your Flight', Buck Howdy • Republican John Kyl brings an earmark to Arizona • Commander in Chief Barack Obozo blowing it in Afghanistan • Who paid for these body scanner machines the TSA is using? YOU DID! • Audio: Whoopi Goldberg denies muslims are the terrorists •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about Al Sharpton • The IRS is looking at Al Sharpton's pay • Audio: Socialists at a convention in Los Angeles talk about killing capitalism for good • Rant: Obama has given these socialists motivation to pursue the socialist revolution • Rant: Will your friends wake up listening to the socialist recording? • China and Russia dump the dollar • Justice Scalia says the founders never intended a right to abortion • The FCC ready to take over the internet • Audio: Oprah Winfrey in 2008 talks about how great Obama would be • Commentary: Taking Oprah apart for her racist endorsement in 2008 • Oprah says Obama had 'moral authority' • Audio: Rush Limbaugh's 'The REAL Story of Thanksgiving' • Jimmy Z's Thanksgiving epilogue: I am thankful for all of you •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: Political Question of the Day
Think Progress: Incoming Labor Committee chair says jobless benefits not a priority
ABC News: TSA Head John Pistole: Flying is a privilege
YouTube: Administration is setting us up for an 'event'
MSNBC: Republicans' ban on earmarks was short-lived
Senator John Kyl of Arizona, home page
Reuters: Afghan violence soars, insurgency expanding
TSA: Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)
YouTube: Whoopi Goldberg lectures Bill O;Reilly
Rush Limbaugh: Sharpton to FCC: Shut down Rush Limbaugh
The Blaze: Socialists know time for fighting revolution is now
China Daily: China, Russia quit dollar
Life News: Justice Scalia: Founders never imagined abortion 'rights'
Big Government: The FCC will vote to take over the internet in December
YouTube: Why does Oprah Winfrey endorse Barack Obama?
YouTube: Oprah Winfrey endorses Barack Obama on Larry King
YouTube: Oprah campaigns for Barack Obama in Iowa
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh: The REAL story of Thanksgiving, 2009

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