Wednesday, November 10, 2010


New airport security policy: Full body scan or
a genital and breast grope - your choice!
Chicago congressmen pay their wives big $

Today, the first Jimmy Z campaign pledge
Show No. 208-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Cruise ship crippled at sea is being towed into San Diego • Audio: KTLA reports on the cruise ship fire • Rant: Ignorant people may panic although they are lucky • Obama courting muslims in India & Indonesia • Rant: Is Obama a Christian or a Muslim? • Audio: Obama talks in fluffy words and says little • Websites that promote fear and doom • Obama and globalism • The 'new normal' of 9 to 10% unemployment • Why Barack Obama is wrong about globalizationAIRPORT SECURITY: XRAY BODY SCAN OR GENITAL GROPE • Audio: Television reports on new aggressive airport pat-downs • Reading: New pat-down screening at airports require touching private parts • Pilots union stands against aggressive search and full body scans •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Free Talk Live interview with a young woman who was harassed in the name of safe air travel • Woman is yelled at, cuffed in a chair and has her ticket torn up • Rant: Talking on the radio is fine, but there needs to be a lawsuit if this story is true • Decisions, decisions: What would you prefer, a radiation bath or a breast and genital grope? • Chicago congressmen pay their wives hundreds of thousands of dollars to work on their campaigns • Bobby Rush rewind: Fidel Castro is a great guy • Democrat staffers in DC receive grief counseling after big election losses • Rant: Democrats are emotional • Michael Stollaire: The Real Bottom Line on the economy • Soros funded think tank wants Obama to govern by Executive Orders to push progressive (Marxist) agenda • Jimmy Z campaign pledge: I will sign away Obama's executive orders on Day One • Obama's birth certificate issue: There was no requirement for anyone to check Obama's eligibility •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KTLA 5: Carnival Cruise fire: Tug boats begin towing crippled cruise ship to San Diego
LA Times: Crippled cruise ship makes slow voyage to San Diego
YouTube: President spreads message of unity in Indonesia
YouTube: Obama speech at the University of Indonesia
The Economic Collapse: We must embrace globalism and the one world economy
Washington Post: Obama says he fears economy would enter 'new normal' of low job growth
Personal Finance Bulletin: Aspire to a really high paying job- a federal job
ABC News WLS: Intelligence report: Pilots' union opposes full body scans
TSA Blog: White House blog: Comments about body searches and molestation
YouTube: Air Travelers not happy with new TSA security measures
Dallas News: Union President tells US Airways pilots to avoid body scanners
USA Today: Airport screeners gets more aggressive with pat-down searches
YouTube: Meg McLain singled out by the TSA, cuffed to a chair, ticket ripped up
WGN: Congressmen paid wives hundreds of thousands of dollars for campaign work
I Hate The Media: Whaaa!  Democrat congressional staffers receive grief counseling
The Politico: Grief counseling after the wipe out
MSNBC: Obama courts muslims
Michael Stollaire: The Real Bottom Line
World Net Daily: Soros group wants Obama to rule by executive order
World Net Daily: Congressional report concedes Obama eligibility unvetted

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