Thursday, October 28, 2010


Joy Behar: The pot is calling the kettle 'bitch'
Katie Couric with Clint Eastwood on politics

Military voters won't have their votes counted
Show No. 199-2010

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Opening • Democrats ask Pentagon for information on possible Republican 2012 Presidential candidates • Audio: Jimmy Z on package sizes getting smaller • Audio: ABC News: Shrinking package sizes • Weather may hurt democrats on election day • Rush Limbaugh: George Soros & The Secretary of State Project • Audio: Jan Brewer discusses court ruling against voter ID • Audio: Nevada voting shenanigans by Harry Reid • The SEIU represents the voting machines technicians in Nevada • Audio: Limbaugh on early voting cheating by democrats • Dept of Justice gives Illinois a 'pass' - Military votes will not be counted • Audio: Jack Nicholson answers Barbara Boxer • Women boo Meg Whitman for telling the truth about Jerry Brown • Rant: Truthful advertising is not 'negative advertising' • Audio: Lindsey Graham: Let's work with Obama • THE JOY BEHAR BITCH SESSION • Audio: Sharron Angle's illegal aliens TV ad • Audio: The View broads go nutty over Angle's ad • Joy Behar loses her mind, denigrates and degrades Sharron Angle • Rant: Who's calling who a bitch? • Rant: What if Ann Coulter called a democratic, woman Senator a bitch? • The View needs to fire Joy Behar •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The View Message Board: Joy Behar could never post on the message board! • Sharron Angle's brilliant response: Flowers sent to Joy Behar • Audio: Behar still out of her mind, calls Angle a bitch again • Audio: Katie Couric with Clint Eastwood on politics • Daytona commissioner arrested for ballot fraud • Rand Paul volunteer stomps head of a MoveOn protester • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. dissects an Obama speech in Los Angeles • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. comments on Obama's appearance on Mexican radio • Military voters will be left out of the midterm elections • Audio: Great discussion about faith, or no faith, on The Jesus Christ Show •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
ABC News: Democrats ask Pentagon for information on potential 2012 contenders
The Jimmy Z Show: Friday, 2 October 2009
ABC News: Shrinking packages have consumers paying same price for less
Political Wire: Another bad forecast for democrats
YouTube: Radio Ad: Marine mom takes on Harry Reid
Rush Limbaugh: Can democrats cheat enough to overcome Tuesday's Teanami?
Fox News: Arizona Governor blasts election law reversal
Fox News: Accusations fly in Nevada
Big Government: SEIU controls 'glitchy' voter machines in Clark County, NV
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat early cheating begins
WLS-AM 890: State legislator calls for investigation of voter fraud
YouTube: Colonel Jessep responds to Barbara Boxer
Real Clear Politics: Sen. Graham: GOP needs to show 'willingness to work' with Obama
Entertainment Weekly: Joy Behar tells Sharron Angle to 'go to hell, bitch'
Huffington Post: Joe Behar: Sharron Angle a 'bitch', 'Going to hell'
ABC: The View Message Board
Real Clear Politics: Behar doubles down on Angle, calls her 'bitch' again
Facebook: Dear Joy, shut your piehole
YouTube: Katie Couric with Clint Eastwood
My Fox Orlando: Daytona commissioner arrested for ballot fraud
Salon: Rand Paul's head-stomping supporter served with summons
Washington Post: Rand Paul volunteer seeks apology from liberal activist he stomped
KFI 640: Tim Conway Jr: Obama in LA Hour 1
KFI 640: Tim Conway Jr: Obama in LA Hour 2
Fox News: Military vote in question after Dept of Justice gives Illinois a pass on MOVE Act
The Jesus Christ Show website

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