Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The Jimmy Z Show Interview: David Limbaugh,
author of 'Crimes Against Liberty'
Was a voter in Texas denied her right to vote?

Jerry Brown: 'More welfare, fewer jobs'
Show No. 194-2010

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Opening • Last weekend & Monday, site down • Rain, thunder and lightning yesterday • ResistNet story: Was aTea Party voter denied the right to vote? • Rant: It is reasonable to see the Gadsden Flag as a political statement • I prefer to have polling places apolitical • Audio: Christine O'Donnell on the First Amendment • Rant: There is no 'separation of church and state' in the Constitution • Audio: Mark Levin tears a caller apart regarding Christine O'Donnell • Jerry Brown Update • 1995 comment: More welfare, fewer jobs • Audio: Jerry Brown at UCLA: Documented or not, we'll pay for college • SonlitKnight: 2010 election update • House seats in play • Gubernatorial races •

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Opening • SonlitKnight: 2010 election update continued • Senate races • Senate majority comes down to two races: Washington & California • The Jimmy Z Interview: David Limbaugh, author of 'Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama' • Rapid gallop toward socialism • Republicans and compromise • The farce of conservative Democrats • Liberals and the Constitution • The Department of Justice and racism • Rule of law & moral equivalence • The GOP's last chance for conservatives • Outrageous stories from the Obama administration • Balance of powers in the Constitution • Writing the book in a even, settled tone • Liberals vs the Tea Party • On remaining optimistic • Coming up tomorrow: Republicans may not try to repeal Obamacare •

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Anonymous said...

In 2007 David Limbaugh said that Mitt Romney will make a great president. How do you feel about Mitt Romney, Jimmy Z? I think Mitt Romney is a liberal.

It is odd that David Limbaugh would say that. Here is his full comment. "Mitt Romney is a man I've warmed to as the campaign has unfolded. I began with great skepticism because of his major, far-too-recent flips on major issues. Certain aspects of his record -- even after his conversion -- cast doubt on his commitment to the unborn and traditional marriage. He also strikes me as a bit too coiffed, too robotic and too much of a politician. But I do see Romney as a very likeable man who is saying almost all of the right things, pun intended, and who, if he is the man he holds himself to be, will make a great president." That is found on David Limbaugh's site at

Many of the famous right wing people are gearing up to support the liberal Mitt Romney in 2012. It's just crazy!

Jz said...

I wish I'd have known to talk about that - but perhaps the interview, covering his book, would not have been the right time for that. I would like to get into a lot of these things about the 'right' side of the aisle, because I think we have real trouble if we think Romney can pull it off.

Not only do I not like Romney for his clear RINO-istic politics, and the problem I have with his faith of course - but he's last year's model! He can't win against Obama - and anyone who thinks that a Palin/Romney ticket in 2012 can beat Obama is just fooling themselves.

But you have to read Dick Morris' column today. I'm going to lead with it tomorrow I think - A lot of people think the thing to do is respond to the left with a godless and amoral political response, which really is the end of our chances.

ONLY with God can we win the country back. Wait till you hear this!

Thanks for the comment, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thanks!

Robot said...

Last year I (unknowingly) had a lunch date with a liberal airhead who was also a law student.

She saw nothing wrong with communism of course was pro-abortion.

We got into a discussion about the "separation of Church and state", telling me it was in the Constitution.

I told this law student that it wasn't and she told me if I had a copy of the Constitution she could show me where it was.

I went out to my car and retrieved my copy and challenged her to show me.

When she of course couldn't, she asked me where I got my copy.

When I told her I got it from an NRA meeting she told me she couldn't believe anything distributed by the NRA.

Liberals are mindless idiots and there really is no reasoning with them.