Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mr. Nobama has been a good source of laughs if nothing else.

Funny story a couple days ago -- where Mr. Nobama said that his desire to operate in a bipartisan, work-together, reach-across-the-aisle manner takes a back seat to getting HIS porkulus plan shoved up America's posterior HIS way at no less than breakneck speed -- HIS speed FIRST. Then, later, when it suits his (small case) majesty Nobama, he might get around once again to talking about bipartisanship.

Is there anything funnier than a liberal talking about bipartisanship?

Is there anything more predictable than a liberal going back on his word?

Do any of you recall President Nobama on the campaign trail telling Americans "uh, I will.. um.. work in a bipartisan way, uh.. after I get a big trillion dollar scam passed, um, whether or not I get it, uh.. written in a bipartisan manner .. uh, and we'll get around to bipartisanship .. uh' later"?

Neither do I.

Reminder: "Hypocritcal liberal" is redundant.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

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