Monday, February 2, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Monday Show - In STEREO

Bob Parks Interview Today!
Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • Different ways to listen to The Jimmy Z Show • The origin of the name Jimmy Z • A bit of the BlogTalkRadio story • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Bob Parks of Black & Right • Liberal hypocrisy • Finding stories for Black & Right • Presidential Sucker Syndrome (PSS) • Obama's inability to do what he said he would do • Bush's New Tone

Click HERE for Part Two
Interview with Bob Parks continued • Democrat agenda is not good for the country • Stimulus, schmimulus • Government waste • Gitmo • Black voters & reparations: A review of history • Democrats Still Lying Through Their Teeth • Bob Parks TV Show • Youtube and a conservative alternative: • Free expression on college campuses (for liberals)

The Bob Parks/Black & Right links:
Black & Right HERE (conservative alternative to youtube) HERE
'Democrats still lying through their teeth' by Bob Parks HERE

Also folks, be sure to check out The Jimmy Z Weekend Show immediately below this post - lots of great, shocking topics including a teacher who was having her first graders pledge allegiance to Obama!! Every edition of The Jimmy Z Show is a can't miss show!

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