Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I thought that I would throw some Rasmussen numbers around this morning. I need to give my conservative friends heart -- and twist the knife and cause the left to moan in pain some more.

Mr. Nobama 'enjoys' a 39% 'strongly approve' number: This number tells us that (1) Nobama's support is falling and doing so quickly and (2) Nobama has had virtually zero days of a '100 day presidential honeymoon'.

The other problem Nobama wrestles with is great distrust in terms of his porky 'stimulus' plan, which most Americans know isn't much of a stimulus plan at all. In fact, most of the money won't be set into motion for over two years!

Support for Mr. Nobama's porky pigulus plan was only 45% two weeks ago. Last week it fell to 39%, and the latest Rasmussen number is down to 37%. Rasmussen, the country's most reliable pollster, will release new numbers later this week.

Americans don't seem to be very enthusiastic about Nobama's porky plan, and without question, this distrust will continue to lead the (small case) messiah down the road of political unpopularity.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

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