Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Obama tells the same lies on ABC tonight

Asked tonight on ABC why he can't get Republican support for his stupid pork-plan, Nobama said (lie #1) Republicans were continuing the same fighting from before (they are standing firm against socialism and against a bill that is not good for America).

Nobama also said in the same sentence (lie #2) that he is doing what Americans want him to do (check out the two commentary posts below -- clearly Americans are not supporting /Nobama porkulus).

Then, again, Nobama said that Americans made clear on election day they want his pork bill to the tune of over a trillion dollars (when you add in interest), even though none of this crap was proposed during the campaign. That's lie #3.

Nobama is practicing the well known rule of propaganda practiced often by leftiists: Tell a lie often enough and sheeple will believe it.

Not here. Jimmy Z will stand up to this dishonest man Nobama and post the truth every time he sits on TV and lies to all of us.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

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Jimmy Z said...

Lie #3 is yet another occurance of the man-child Nobama saying "I won; do it MY way." Oh brother.