Sunday, February 1, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Weekend Show - in STEREO

More issues and topics than any other internet show!
Each segment is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening • Steelers favored, Americans pull for Arizona • Springsteen apologizes for Walmart deal, keeps money • Comment to Obama regarding abortion • Kutcher's Punk'd show makes fun out of house fires and car jackings • Via email: Ann Margaret, class act • Shocking: Pledge to Obama's image on overhead projector in first grade • Cher compares zoo elephants to slavery • Idiot woman with octuplets

Click HERE for Part Two
Audio: Paul Ramsey reviews stimulus bill defense commercial • Obama vs. Limbaugh analysis on CNN • LAPD officer shot by gangbangers outside his home • Michelle Malkin probably loves The Jimmy Z Show/No such thing as bad publicity • Senator says the Obama stimulus won't work • Obama spanked by military court judge • Hate mail to Michelle Malkin - hysterial liberals more hysterical, less tolerant than ever • Chuck Norris on Rick Warren's inauguration prayer • Close

Show notes and reference links:
• Springsteen apologizes for Walmart deal HERE
• Americans expect Pittsburgh to win, pull for Arizona HERE
• First graders pledge allegiance to Obama image HERE
• Cher compares elephants in the zoo to slavery HERE
• LAPD officer shot by gangbangers outside his home HERE
• CNN analysis of Obama vs. Limbaugh HERE
• Octuplets for single mother of six HERE
• Ramzpaul discusses Stimulus commercial HERE
• Senator says Stimulus bill won't work HERE
• Obama spanked by military court judge HERE
• Chuck Norris regarding Rick Warren's prayer HERE
• Michelle Malkin hate mail HERE

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