Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Jimmy Z's Address to the people
Homosexual militants & Youtube
people attack the truth

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Jimmy Z's address • Opening sequence • Michael Swift's 1987 pro-homo rant IN FULL • Pro-homosexual on Youtube attacks Jimmy Z with vulgar messages

Click HERE for Part Two
The Nobama Speech, clip-by-clip • Obama, the new Reagan? • No drilling for oil under Nobama • Nobama says he does not believe in bigger government! • 'Nobody messes with Joe' • Create or save 3.5 million jobs • Econazis • 'Electric rates will necessarily skyrocket' • Corporate tax increases

Show notes & links:
• Michael Swift's gay militant rant HERE
• Text of Nobama's speech HERE
• Text of Bobby Jindal's response speech HERE
• Obama is Reaganesque? HERE


Bigfoot said...

I like the new format, with the audio parts embedded.

Jimmy Z said...

Thanks for that... I did a lot of research on players. I wanted a player that does not load the file until you click it. The Quicktime player, which is the most elegant, seems to want to load the files. Obviously, having a dozen 30 minute mp3s loading all at once would bog down the page something awful.

The Google player and the Yahoo player do not load the files until you click play. I like the Yahoo player because it's darker in color, so there it is.