Monday, February 9, 2009


Over and over again, Mr. Nobama keeps saying that his plan will save or create 3 million jobs. How funny is this? *L* There is no way to confirm this kind of claim; that is why Obama keeps repeating it -- word for word -- at every opportunity.

Today he is off campaigning again, this time for the Nobama/Pelosi/Reid Socialism (Pork-ulus/stimulus) bill. Funny isn't it how his frustration over congressional fighting had him bolting to Camp David for the weekend.

No one will ever be able to verify that Nobama's claim to be able to save 3 million jobs will come to pass. As Paul Ramsey said in a recent video-blog post, as long as 3 million Americans remain employed, he can claim that he saved those jobs!

Time to wake up Americans. Nobama is using smoke and mirrrors, lies and dishonesty to sell his Democratic Party stimulus bill. Limbaugh just reported that Nobama stated just now that people can't spend money if they don't HAVE money. Then Limbaugh opined, "that never stopped government."

SHOW UPDATE: Your host has been down with the flu all weekend. Also, the JZ show tech staff doesn't work weekends, so the timing was about right for illness. I'll let you know status of the show & computer repairs as soon as possible. Until then, best regards from a recuperating Jimmy Z!

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