Thursday, February 12, 2009


The inexperience of Nobama rises again. After speaking out against corporate retreats in Sin City, the Mayor of Las Vegas is asking Nobama for a clarification.

Seems the Mayor has received phone calls from folks saying that since their 'messiah' has said that it's bad to go to Vegas, they aren't going.

The Mayor is not amused.

But this is what you get with inexperience. Nobama doesn't realize what can happen when he speaks out of turn. Without careful thought, Nobama can ruin things in this economy.

Now think: This isn't about Vegas as much as it is an illustration of Nobama's use of words. For a long time now, this US President and 'leader' of the free world has -- as Rush Limbaugh said today -- spoken of doom and hopelessness every opportunity he gets to open his pie hole.

You don't think this has an effect on Americans? You don't think the world markets aren't affected by Nobama's endless spewing of pessimism? If Nobama's unthoughtful remark about Vegas can hurt Vegas' tourism, of course Nobama's planned pessimistic attacks of our economy HURT THE ECONOMY WORSE!

It isn't even arguable: Nobama is hurting our economy.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)


Anonymous said...

So Jimmy Z thinks people NEED to go to Vegas for Sex and Gambling? No surprise there. Jimmy Z is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, as our Savior warned us about. Even a guy with the unlikely name of Barack Hussein Obama is a better Christian than Jimmy Z. Go figure.

Jimmy Z said...

Notice that I have another fabulously brave 'anonymous' writer here exhibiting her inability to comprehend. Too funny! Liberals never fail to entertain! It has always been the liberal's tactic to raise points never made by the original author, and then argue with themselves - this is case, herself.

I'll do more dismantling of her incoherent comment on the Friday show, but for now, let us observe a couple of obvious things.

First, SHE said 'need' - I never said anything like that. No one needs to go to Vegas, but many of us like to.

Second, she writes ignorantly that going to Vegas is for sex and gambling. I suppose some folks do that. Maybe she has and feels guilty, yes? I never have.

Oops, ok, I did have sex in Vegas - when I was married. All the other times I've been (and I've been fairly often) were to have fun, swim, sun, shoot photos (Vegas is really something to shoot!), eat in some of the finest restaurants in the world, smoke a fine cigar and sip a dry martini, people watch (no better place in the world) and go to great (world class) concerts.

Now, I suppose some people have a problem with gambling. I do not. I have never had a thing for gambling. I never buy lotto tickets and I have never -- NEVER -- gambled in Vegas. Love to watch, never join in.

Wolf in sheep's clothing? Well I think someone is feeling guilty for falling to a bit too much temptation. Me? Not so much. I'm pretty even headed, even in Vegas.

Vegas is FUN, baby. You should go, if you haven't been. I miss the old days -- Wish I had been born early enough to have seen Sinatra sing at the Sands. That would have been something, with Frank and Count Basie and his orchestra, just ripping into Frank's best songs -- can you imagine?

And even more perplexing is that my piece was not about Vegas! The broad missed the whole damned point of the piece! I wrote about Obama flapping his gums and damaging a city's tourism -- all because he doesn't know the power of his mouth.

Obama wasn't making a moral statement, you putz. Obama was making a stupid one.

== == == == == == ==

I invite you to listen to the next show, which I will do tomorrow (Saturday) sometime. I'll chew your ignorant head off a little more. And it'll be funny... all in good humor!