Thursday, February 5, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Thursday Show - in STEREO

Jimmy Z exposes even more democratic

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening • Rant: Obama's fear mongering: The recession might prove irreversible/Stimulus-schmimulus • Wall Street's reaction to Obama's pay cap • Audio: Obama says 'I won' (in a more elaborate way)

Click HERE for Part Two
Obama admits 'we screwed up' • Reuters celebrates Obama admitting 'we screwed up' • Audio: Cheney's comments regarding terrorism • Audio: The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson says racists elected Obama • Rant: Racism and voting for Obama/Christianity and Obama • US Energy secretary warns of doom for California • Rasmussen: Only 37% now favor Obama stimulus • Rant: To hell with humans, protect the smelt • already complaining about Obama • Commentary: Obama's comments at the National Prayer Breakfast

• Obama warns of need for stimulus right away HERE
• Stimulus bill gets housing tax perk HERE
• GOP wields more influence over stimulus bill HERE
• What's in the stimulus plan? HERE
• Stimulus plan stuffed with the wrong ideas HERE
• AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image HERE
• Dismay on Wall Street over Obama pay cap HERE
• US sets pay limits for bailed out execs HERE
• Obama announces pay caps; video HERE
• Reuters praises Obama admitting 'we screwed up' HERE
• Dick Cheney's comments regarding terrorism HERE
• Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson talks about racists voting for Obama HERE
• Rasmussen reports only 37% favor Obama stimulus bill HERE
• Energy sec warns of doom for California HERE
• complaining about Obama already HERE
• Bill to allow water distribution in California HERE

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