Saturday, February 28, 2009


Bill Keller on Abstinence
Ann Coulter on public schools

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes. The Jimmy Z Show is always in high resolution stereo.

Click HERE for Part One
The National Anthem (The Cactus Cuties) • Opening sequence • Christianity, government, and this show • Bill Keller: Abstinence, teen mothers and fathers • Homosexual comment: Your God will not be tolerated • List of homosexual churches, checked for accuracy

Click HERE for Part Two

Radio chip in driver's licenses? • Obama's enormous, gargantuan budget • Eww! Cloth 'toilet wipes'? • Steven Crowder humor: The Koran Challenge • Ann Coulter slams Stimulus/porkulus public school spending

Click HERE for Part Three
Ann Coulter continued • Toilet 'per flush' tax • Obama goes after assault weapons • National Trust bank's spending spree in Los Angeles • Obama refused comment on the National Trust partying • Senator Robert Byrd stands up to Obama's power grab • Pat Buchanan: Courage Mr. Holder, face the illegal alien problem • Audio: Dick Cheney on terrorism

Show notes & links:
• Abstinence, teen mothers and father HERE
• Radio chip in driver's licenses HERE
• Obama's enormous, gargantuan budget HERE
• Cloth toilet wipes? HERE
• Ann Coulter slams public school spending HERE
• Toilet 'per flush' tax in Australia HERE
• Obama seeking ban on assault rifles HERE
• Northern Trust bank's spending spree HERE
• Obama refuses comment HERE
• Senator Robert Byrd stands up to Obama HERE
• Pat Buchanan: Courage Mr. Holder HERE
• Dick Cheney warns of new attacks HERE
• Full sized version of chat at right HERE
..(FYI, the chart is causing much consternation among the left-wing moonbats!)

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Bigfoot said...

Toilet tax and cloth toilet wipes. If given a chance, those eco-socialists will flush us all down the drain.