Tuesday, February 10, 2009

• HOPE FOR NOBAMA'S CRITICS (That's you and me)

More today from Scott Rasmussen & Rasmussen Reports:

Is the country on the right track? With the pessimism growing regarding Nobama's pork-ridden 'stimulus' hoo-hah (see previous post below), one would have to assume that people wouldn't think so -- and one would be right.

Throughout America, only 29% of Americans feel as though we are on the right track, and fully 62% say no, we are going the wrong way. Maybe Americans haven't all bought into Obamania.

Remember, this data is from Rasmussen, America's most reliable and trustworthy pollster.

Obama's best optimism comes from young America, but hold on; even among young people age 18-29 only 37% feel that we're on the right track. Oops. Half of those young people, 50%, do not share that view and believe instead that we are on the WRONG track.

Racially, blacks in America are quite happy, probably believing in race over substance. Over half believe we are headed the right way. As I have illustrated in previous shows, this is trusting in color over character. Nobama is, after all, the most inexperienced man to hold the office of President.

Lastly, Republicans show once again how much smarter they are than democrats. Nearly half, or 48% of democrats think we are headed down the right road with the pork-ulus plan.

But Republicans know that we are not. Only 13% have fallen for 'hope & change' and think this is the right road. I love being in the smart group!

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

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Jimmy Z said...

For my friends with reading ability problems, the Rasmussen numbers are the most accurate available. This means that the poll data is virtually irrefutable. In other words, you cannot find more accurate polling data anywhere else. Scott Rasmussen is known as the most reliable, most accurate, most trustworthy. He is the official pollster for the Jimmy Z show.

We are sorry that the poll data upsets some liberals.

Well ... no we're not.