Friday, August 6, 2010


Three women on the court means ... not a whole lot
Rush Limbaugh on Proposition 8: 'This is tyranny'

Dems raise the FHA fees on first time home buyers
$26.1 billion handed to union workers for votes
Show No. 146-2010

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Opening • It's only words: An apology for yesterday's faux pas • The confirmation of Elena Kagan • Rant: We do the work, we get the information, we notify our representatives and Lindsey Graham still votes for Elena Kagan • Rant: These Republican traitors don't care • Audio: Obama lying about Elena Kagan's confirmation • Rant: What's the big deal about three liberal, socialist women on the Supreme Court • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Elena Kagan helped by the GOP • 88% voted against Kagan • John McCain yesterday and today • On praying for bad things to happen to leftist judges • Slaves of the government • Abbott and Costello on Unions • Kagan's involvement with Obama and his birth certificate • Kagan's disbarment to come? • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on why young people are liberal •

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Opening • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Proposition 8 & Tyranny • Rant: The coming blow-back against tyranny • Rush Limbaugh on Missouri vote against Obamacare and the White House reaction • Rant: Robert Gibbs says the vote in Missouri means 'nothing' • People making threats on Facebook • Update: THE OBAMA ECONOMY • 131,000 jobs lost • Fewer jobs in May and June • Music: 'Get A Job', The Silhouettes • The Democrats raise the fees on first time home buyers! • Audio: Mark Levin commentary on the confirmation of Elena Kagan • Music: 'The Homos Can Finally Belong' • $26 billion to buy union workers votes helped by Sens Snowe and Collins • Audio: Glenn Beck on the $26 billion for union workers & public employee pensions •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: Elena Kagan, the 112th US Supreme Court Justice
YouTube: Obama: Kagan will be outstanding
Wikipedia: Ruth Bader Ginsberg
World Net Daily: Elena Kagan tied to Obama birth certificate (server error possible)
World Net Daily: Elena Kagan tied to Obama birth certificate (cache version, Google)
World Net Daily: Watchdog: We'll see Kagan's disbarment and impeachment
Rush Limbaugh: Why young people are liberals
Rush Limbaugh: One leftist judge slaps down seven million voters in California
Fox News: Missouri votes to block health insurance mandate
Jobs picture worsens with 131,000 job losses
AJC: Fannie Mae brings back no down-payment mortgages
Mark Levin Show: Audio page
Fox News: Jobs bill a ploy for democrat votes, Republicans say
AP: Senate approves higher government mortgage fees
YouTube: Glenn Beck, 08-05-10 A


Anonymous said...

Will this be the first time in American history that we don't have a Christian on the SCOTUS?
The count will be 3 Jews and 6 Catholics.

Jz said...

While there certainly are some Catholics who are not Christian, there are folks attending protestant churches who are indeed not Christian as well. I am certain, for many reasons, that there are many Catholics who are Christian, and I consider the Catholic Church to not be a cult. I suppose the best way to say it is, "I am a pro-Catholic protestant."

I am no fan of secularism, and it's sad that so many Jews fall into that category. I would gladly have a Jew like Dennis Prager on the Supreme Court, however, so I don't exclude Jews from being moral and decent, conservative and Constitutional.

The big issue on our Supreme Court is the lack of justices who believe that the Constitution is fine the way it is. The court's finding on guns rights, 5 to 4, was a real frightening ruling.

Anonymous said...

JZ, you said, "I am a pro-Catholic protestant."

That is an oxymoron.

Jz said...

I do not believe it is.