Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The City of Bell: Scams & pensions up the ying-yang
The CA pension system cannot sustain itself

Two AZ Sheriffs receive death threats from Mexico
Show No. 143-2010

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Opening • The Econony: An overview • Economy flat in June • Senators reveal list of stimulus waste • Paying summer youth employment participants to lobby for more funding • Audio: George Stephanopolis interviews Tim Geithner • Rant: Lower taxes mean more growth • The Story of the City of Bell • Overview, salaries and resignation • The pensions these scoundrels will reap • Google headlines relevant to the City of Bell story • Do you know what you local county or city leaders are making? • Audio: TV news report regarding Bell retirees pensions • The CA pension & retirement system cannot sustain itself • In 11 years, the pension expense has gone from $159 million to $3.9 billion • East St. Louis about to cut 30% of it's police force • Unions prevent a pay cut to keep the police employed • Coral Ridge Ministries series coming soon • Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel • Obama: Charlie Rangel's career is over • Audio: Interview with Al Sharpton • Waters and Rangel investigated for racist reasons? • Rant: Al Sharpton wouldn't care if they were white GOP congresspeople • Audio: Is Obama doing everything he can? • Obama offers to stay off of the campaign trail for mid-terms •

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Opening • EPA set to ban farm dust • Audio: PJTV salutes Mr. Tax Law Writing Tax Evader • Audio: Pete Stark says the government can do whatever it likes • Rant: Stark is a great example of why people in America are so angry • Audio: Andrew Napolitano: The duty of the people to revolt • Virginia ruling heartens those of us who want Obamacare to be found unconstitutional • ARIZONA • Lady Gaga slams AZ SB 1070 • Two outspoken AZ Sheriffs threatened with assassination • Sheriff Paul Babeu threatened by Mexican Mafia • Sheriff Joe Arpaio receives death threat, $1 million bounty • Reading: Paul Babeu: 'Our own government has become our enemy • GOP wants an explanation of the amnesty memo • Bias in the media: Evidence • JournoList • Reporters, upset with Hillary Clinton during the campaign, gave their support to Obama • Outrageous: Liberal reports planned to protect Obama from Jeremiah Wright • Democrats pander to homosexuals for amnesty support • Michelle Obama topless bust • Peggy Noonan on Chris Christie, the Tea Party and the GOP • Obama losing support from women, white men, Jews and Hispanics • Stem cell research moving forward in the US •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: Spending, income flat in June
ABC News: Stimulus slammed: Report released alleging waste
NBC Washington: Saying no to SYEP
ABC News: Treasury Sec Tim Geithner: Unemployment could go up before it comes down
Washington Times: Californians wonder how city officials got high pay
Ventura County Star: Bell's flap may also take a toll in county
CBS 2: City of Bell towed, impounded cars to generate revenue
CA IVN: Day of reckoning approaches for CA pension system
Mercury News: Pension hike revelations show massive failure
St. Louis Today: Layoffs to gut East St. Louis police force
AP: Rep. Maxine Waters may face fall ethics trial
NY Post: It's the end for Rangel
Real Clear Politics: Al Sharpton on investigations of black congressional leaders
Real Clear Politics: Rep. Clyburn: Obama is not doing enough to help candidates
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama offers to stay away from mid-term campaign trail
News 9: EPA to crack down on farm dust
YouTube: PJTV salutes Mr. Tax Law Writing Tax Evader
YouTube: Pete Stark: The federal government can do most anything in this country
YouTube: Judge Andrew Napolitano: Revolution is the duty of the people
Forex Yard: Virginia healthcare decision heartens some US states
NY Daily News: Lady Gaga slams AZ immigration law SB 1070
First Patriots: Mexican Mafia gives 'green light' for assassination of AZ sheriff
My Fox Phoenix: Mexican drug cartel allegedly puts a price on AZ Sheriff's head
CNS News: AZ Sheriff: 'Our own government has become our enemy'
Fox News: GOP lawmakers want explanation of draft memo on amnesty for thousands
World Net Daily: News bias in Presidential race more than just a theory
The Daily Caller: Docs show media plotted to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright
Fox News: House democrats insert gay rights into immigration debate
Hip Hop Wired: Artist set to debut nude bust of Michelle Obama
Peggy Noonan: Try a little tenderness: Chris Christie is the model for the GOP
NY Daily News: Women, white men, Jews and Hispanics abandon President Obama
Life News: FDA Oks first embryonic stem cell research trial on humans

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