Monday, August 30, 2010


The Glenn Beck speech in full from Washington DC
Obama reports US to UN for human rights violations
Shocking video: Denver police excessive force
Alex the Hyphenated American joins Jimmy Z
Show No. 161-2010


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Opening • Rant: Glenn Beck, God, Jesus & Outrage • Thomas Jefferson on Jesus and Christianity • Perhaps up to a million people • Comparing Al Sharpton's high school pep rally to the Restoring Honor rally • Which rally carried forward 'The Dream' as stated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr • Audio: Portion of Dr. King's 'I Have A Dream' speech • The last thing Sharpton wants to be is judged by the content of his character • 'No justice, no peace' • Glenn Beck's speech • The racism of Al Sharpton • Facebook story about a neighbor calling Glenn Beck a racist • Maybe it's time to stop getting along with liberals • Bad cue on the bumper music, oops • Obama proposes IRS probe for organization • Obama reports the United States to the UN for human rights violations • Outrageous: Editorial outlines the damage done in report to the UN • Jan Brewer's response to the UN report • Audio: Obama's latest interview • Obama spins the BP oil spill; less oil because of the White House • Obama spins the economy • Obama spins the mosque 'near' Ground Zero • Obama spins his Christianity • Obama spins Glenn Beck's rally in DC • Denver police out of control, clear case of excessive force: shocking video •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Alex, The Hyphenated American • Military voters sold out by the Pentagon • NASA and Islam • Obama going after your 401(k) • Taxes • Democrat support for Muslims • The Hamasque at Ground Zero • On Obama being a Christian • Where Obama was born • Corruption and The Black Caucus •

Hour THREE • Click HERE to download
Opening • GLENN BECK: RESTORING HONORThe Glenn Beck Speech in it's entirety

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Keith Katsikas said...

Absolutely LOVED the show today. Thanks for running the GB speech. It was nice hearing it again.