Monday, August 9, 2010


Pelosi brings House back to buy union worker votes
Afghan woman comes to US for reconstructive surgery

Interview: Jerry talks about adopting 'Helen'
Show No. 147-2010

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Opening • Humor: Universal Laws • House called back to Washington to buy democrat votes from union workers • Audio: John Boehner clips from Face the Nation • Woman disfigured by Taliban comes to the US for reconstructive surgery • Christian doctors working in Afghanistan killed by Taliban • PROP 8 UPDATE • Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger file suit to start marrying homosexuals • Dept. of Justice shakedown: Money steered to liberal groups • Activists say Tea Party impostors are infiltrating the movement • Rant: This is what happens without real Tea Party leadership •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'They Took The Money Away', Jimmy Z • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: My friend Jerry talks about adopting 'Helen' • The blessing of a special needs pet (similar to special needs children) • Army gags officer challenging Obama's eligibility • Reading: 25 impeachable offenses and counting • Audio: Part 2 of Radical Rulers: Coral Ridge Ministries • Kevin Jennings, homosexual activist • Michael Steele fails to raise RNC funding •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News: Lawmakers called back to Washington
YouTube: Boehner: Stop the spending spree in Washington
YouTube: Boehner blasts the democrats' planned tax hikes
YouTube: It's a simple question Mr. Boehner, are the Bush tax cuts paid for?
CNN: Afghan woman whose nose, ears cut off travels to the US
US Navy Seals: American doctors on medical mission in Afghanistan killed
Examiner: Taliban kill American, British and German medical workers
Examiner: Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown file suit to lift stay on same-sex marriage
Find Tut: Schwarzenegger wants same-sex weddings to be allowed again
Washington Examiner: Justice Department steers money to favored groups
Fox News: Activists say Tea Party impostors infiltrating elections
World Net Daily: Army gags officer challenging Obama eligibility
Canada Free Press: 25 impeachable crimes and counting
The Politico: GOP cash woes threaten fall gains


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Congratulations on your 400th show - it's an incredible achievement!

Keep up the great (and important) work!

Keith Katsikas said...

I second Stilton's remarks! =)

LIndy said...

and I 3rd that well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to you Jimmy Z~!

Is that your little dog? what a darling little thing! is this the "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" photo?

I'm ok...thank you for being there and praying on our behalf. God is using you in so many might ways!