Friday, August 13, 2010


Bill Keller interview: The 9/11 Christian Center in NYC
More lies: Obama lies over 7 times in under 2 minutes

7 year old's lemonade stand shut down in Oregon
Show No. 150-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jobs picture making things worse for Obama and the Democrats • Elections look bad for incumbents • Consumer spending threatened • Investors losing confidence in the economy • Trade gap widest since October 2008 • The Obama economic agenda • Audio: Harry Reid on Hispanic Republicans • Audio: Marco Rubio responds to Harry Reid's statement • Comparing democrats and Republicans with these two examples • Audio: Ben Quayle on Obama • The Death of Ted Stevens • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Ted Stevens, the 2008 election & Democrat tactics and shenanigans • Two New Hampshire democrats joke about Sarah Palin's death • Audio: Bill Keller talks about Islam vs. Christianity • Bill Keller Interview: The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Center •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The story behind the Blackberry Burqa satire • Audio: Jimmy Z from last Tuesday, taking the burqa story seriously • Laughing at Jimmy Z • Nation by nation look at the Blackberry complaints • Audio: Obama's 7 lies in less than 2 minutes • James Caan, Hollywood conservative • Website difficulty • Calling iPower & being told it's my fault • Odd page at Organizing for America website: Victory of Mexico over Arizona • The Onion: Satire of Christian charity workers (not especially funny) • 7 YEAR OLD'S LEMONADE STAND SHUT DOWN • Music: 'Lemon Tree', Triny Lopez • Possible $500 fine • Anarchists support the lemonade stand • Reopened lemonade stand makes big money • PROP 8 UPDATE • Judge lifts stay, keeps it in place for one more week • Neither the Governor or Attorney General in CA will defend the will of the people in court • Bill White says Rick Perry wants to be 'treated as master' • From the UK: 10 reasons Obama's presidency is in meltdown • Michelle Obama set to campaign for democrats in the midterms! • Andy Griffith pitching Obamacare law to seniors in a TV commercial • Audio: The Andy Griffith ad on TV •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: Democrat seats vulnerable on jobs
AP: Jobs picture dims as unemployment claims rise
Weekly Standard: Harry Reid says Hispanics can't possibly be Republican
YouTube: Marco Rubio responds to Harry Reid's 'outrageous' remarks
YouTube: Ben Quayle's commercial
Ben Quayle for Congress website
Fox News: Felons voting illegally may have put Franken over the top
The Politico: NH dem wishes Palin ill
NY Daily News: Second NH dem under fire for joking about Palin's death
YouTube: Bill Keller: Mohammad or Jesus? Christianity or Islam?
The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero
MSNBC: Nation-by-nation look at Blackberry controversy
YouTube: 7 Lies in under 2 minutes
Fox News: James Caan refuses to be the typical Hollywood liberal
Barack Obama - Organizing for America: Rachel Maddow, Leister Ranch Celebration
The Onion: Christian charity raising money to feed non-gay famine victims
CBS News: Inspectors shut down girl's lemonade stand
NY Daily News: Health inspector shuts down 7 year old's summer lemonade stand
Wallet Pop: Lemonade stand defended by anarchists
UPI: Controversial lemonade stand makes over $1,800
San Francisco Chronicle: Prop 8 judge lifts stay, homosexual marriage still on hold
Talking Points Memo: Bill White tells black audience, Rick Perry wants to be 'treated as master'
Telegraph UK: The stunning decline of Barack Obama; 10 reasons why Obama is in meltdown
The Politico: White House to deploy Michelle Obama for midterm campaigns
AP: Andy Griffith's new role: Pitching Obamacare to seniors
YouTube: Andy Griffith's Obamacare commercial

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Jim McMahon said...

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few celebrities that consider themselves to be Conservatives. Some of these I’ve known to be Conservatives for a long time, but some of the other ones surprised me. But then again, doesn’t Arnold call himself a Conservative? And let’s not forget that talentless bum Tony Danza, who was all gaga over Obama in 2008, and yet still has the balls to call himself a Conservative too…….so take these names with a grain of salt.

Kelsey Grammer
Chuck Norris
Bruce Willis
Jon Voight
Pat Sajak
Angie Harmon
Gary Oldman
Stephen Baldwin (brother of Alec)
Kirk Cameron
Danny Aiello
Kathy Ireland
Kim Alexis
Gloria Estefan
Heather Locklear
James Earl Jones
Adam Sandler
Scott Baio
Mel Gibson
Clint Eastwood
Jessica Simpson
Rachel Hunter
Dean Cain
Drew Carey
Vincent Gallo
Sylvester Stallone
Jamie Farr
Wayne Newton
Robert Conrad
Shirley Jones
Robert Davi
Ron Silver
Janine Turner
Andy Garcia
Vincent Curatola
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Patricia Heaton
Cheryl Ladd
Robert Duvall
Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie
Ted Nugent
Ben Stein
Dennis Franz
Tom Selleck
James Woods
Rick Schroeder
Dr. Phil
Bo Derek
Nick Lachey
Susan Lucci
Shannon Doherty
Vincent Gallo
Adam Baldwin
Pat Boone
James Caan
Jon Cryer
Lou Ferrigno
Lorenzo Lamas
Gary Sinise
Dennis Hopper
Naomi Judd
Martina McBride
Loretta Lynn
Ronan Tynan
Sara Evans
Alice Cooper
Sammy Hagar
LeAnn Rimes
LeeAnn Womack
Marie Osmond
Trace Adkins
LL Cool J
50 Cent