Friday, August 20, 2010


NY Times changes article, removes quote by imam!
WND drops Ann Coulter for Homocon appearance

American Spectator: Obama worse than Carter
Show No. 155-2010

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Opening • THE ECONOMY AND JOBS • Audio: Obama on small business Jobs Bill • Three points rebutted • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Jobs Bill • Tumbling back into recession • Democrats hurt by the economy, Obama's mosque viewpoint • THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO • Audio: Howard Dean talks about the mosque in radio interview • AP orders stopping the use of 'ground zero mosque' • NY Times changes article, removes quote • Pamela Geller threatened on Twitter • Democrats in trouble in NY over Obama's mosque support • Time poll shows that 24% of Americans believe Obama is a muslim • ARIZONAAudio: Stirring speech by Black Patriot Ted Hayes • Rant: Black Americans are waking up •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • From Facebook: Dr. Laura's free speech rights • The coming tsunami of racist activists • Dr. Laura's response was brilliant • Audio: Newsmax interview with Dr. Laura • ANN COULTER TO SPEAK AT HOMOCON • Audio: Jimmy Z in February talking about GOPride at CPAC • World Net Daily drops Ann Coulter from Taking America Back conference • PETA throws a fit over chimpanzee appearance in commercial • Dodge removes the monkey from the ad • Reading: Worse than Carter • Joel Achenbach defends Obama's Christianity! • Border Patrol retreats from some border locations - because it's too dangerous • Public schools making adjustments to calendars for muslim holidays • Chris Christie has the mosque at Ground Zero issue wrong • Music: 'My Sharia Law', Jimmy Z

To friends of the show: I should tell you that I'm under a great deal of pressure these days, for many reasons. I have, for the most part, maintained a good outlook, but sometimes the little things get to me - like pop ups on the internet. There is no excuse for delivering a bad word. I'm not even trying to excuse it, but in the event that you heard it I ask you to forgive me - and pray for me. This show means a lot to me and I would very much like to keep it going. The next phase will need a miracle or two, which I am sure God is capable of, but in the meantime I confess that I can be - at times - vulgar and I apologize for that. I am embarrassed and ashamed, but I've always been imperfect. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will begin again. --Jz

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LA Times: Obama now blames congress for poor job numbers
YouTube: Obama 'GOP, stop blocking US jobs in small businesses'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama pushes more porkulus, doubles down on economic failure
AP: Spike in layoffs feeds fear of faltering economy
CNBC: Weekly jobs claims post surprise jump, hit 500,000
YouTube: Howard Dean on the Mosque at Ground Zero
Red State: The Associated Press takes sides again
Atlas Shrugs: NY Times scrubs Imam Rauf's controversial Ground Zero remark
Atlas Shrugs: Washington Post headline incites violence against mosque opponents
AP: Mosque debate divides democrats, especially in NY
Time: Time poll finds 61% of Americans oppose Ground Zero mosque
YouTube: Ted Hayes at the Stand for Arizona rally
Facebook: Candidate Robert Broadus
Newsmax: Dr. Laura Exclusive: 'Bullying' attacks on free speech un-American
YouTube: CPAC embraces homosexual sponsors
World Net Daily: WND drops Ann Coulter from Miami event over Homoconflict
YouTube: Michael C. Hall - Dodge Tent Event commercial
LA Times: Dodge removes Suzie the Chimp from its Tent Event commercial
LA Times: Dodge pulls chimp from 'Tent Event' commercial
The Week: Dodge's 'invisible monkey' PETA jab
YouTube: Invisible monkey Dodge commercial
American Spectator: Worse than Carter
Washington Post: The Washington Post's Joel Achenbach
CNS News: Arizona Sheriff says Border Patrol has retreated from parts of the border
Fox News: Debate grows as US Schools adjust calendars to observe Muslim holidays
Rush Limbaugh: Christie has it backwards

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Jimmy Z, my brother in Christ,
"Saints are nothing more than sinners who keep trying." ~Mother Theresa.

Be assured that all of us are very troubled at your personal difficulties and of our continued prayers.