Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dems court illegals & do great harm to Black America
Discussion: Dr. Laura and using the word 'nigger'

Lie about having a Medal of Honor is protected speech
Show No. 153-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Nancy Pelosi wants an investigation into groups protesting the building of the Ground Zero mosque • Rant: Who made the GZ mosque a national issue? Barack Obama! • Audio: Nancy Pelosi on the GZ mosque, religious beliefs and New York City • Rant: Nancy Pelosi thinks that Ground Zero is about a 'zoning issue' • Killer of 14 year old girl in Houston had been deported back to Mexico twice • Rant: The great things illegals bring to Houston • The Black American angle: When will black America wake up to the harm being done to them by illegal aliens? • 'We are the media now' • Outrage: 9th Circuit Court finds that lying about receiving the Medal of Honor is protected free speech • Rant: The court said no one is harmed by someone lying about receiving a Medal of Honor • THE DR. LAURA 'NIGGER' RANT • Warning: The 'N-word' will be spoken during the discussion of the 'N-word' • Audio: Real hate: King Samir Shabazz hates crackers • Audio: CBS News report, censored, regarding Dr. Laura show • Rant: Hate is offensive, the discussion of the word 'nigger' is not • Audio: Full 'N-word' call on the Dr. Laura show • Rant: What Dr. Laura said is not racist - it's true •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Introduction to Chris Rock's comedy routine • Audio: Chris Rock: Black people and niggers (Those are Chris Rock's words - not mine) • Dr. Laura decides to end the show, but whether or not it's because she has been criticized remains to be seen • Rant: Was the caller's complaint valid? • Audio: Larry King interviews Dr. Laura • Larry King: 'The non -N- person' • Audio: 'The Real McCoy Politics' on Dr. Laura • Dr. Laura filled with hate, can't stop saying the N-word • Audio: 'The Pen Rev' on Dr. Laura • Time for your comments • Audio: Part 3 of Coral Ridge's series 'Radical Rulers' • Israel has just days to strike Iran's nuclear complex • Alex Jones and InfoWars call for a revolution against 'neocons' • Joseph's comments on Facebook • 2 legged dog inspires injured troops •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
NY Daily News: Nancy Pelosi wants investigation into Ground Zero mosqe opposition funding
Washington Times: Rep. Pelosi calls for investigation of WTC mosque opposition
NBC New York: Mosque developer rejects meeting with Patterson
Houston Chronicle: Suspect in Houston teen's killing was deported twice
San Francisco Chronicle: Lying about Medal of Honor is no crime
Marine Corps Times: Court again strikes down Stolen Valor Act
YouTube: Dr. Laura's N-Word rant
Media Matters: Full Audio: Dr. Laura's N-word rant
Michelle Malkin: Dr. Laura announces end of her radio show
CNN: Video: Dr. Laura tells her side
YouTube: Racist Dr. Laura 'nigger' rant issues official apology on Larry King
YouTube: Dr. Laura to end radio show at year's end after bad word was said
Jerusalem Post: Israel has days to strike Bushehr
Facebook: Joseph's page; connect with as friend to read
The Sun UK: 2-legged help paw heroes


Brian (Robot) said...

I just finished listening to the section of the show about Dr. Laura.

In my humble, yet correct opinion the woman Dr. Laura was talking to WAS hyper-sensitive.

I tend to wince a little bit when anyone, REGARDLESS of race uses nigger, but laura was only quoting someone else to make a point (A point apparently lost on the poor airhead).

In the rare times when I use "nigger" I'm using it to describe a black thug. I never use it when hailing my peeps, as in "What's up my niggah", nor use the phrase, "niggah please" when responding to a outlandish comment someone has made.

I very rarely watch cable comedy shows because of the obscenities the comedians use.

The context of how "nigger" is used is what makes the word racist or not.

Quoting someone definitely doesn't apply.

Speaking of Chris Rock, what amazes me is that people in the audience (who presumably consisted of a large number of colored people)were laughing their asses off. Rock was sounding (with the exception of the obscenities) like a Conservative Republican.

If an actual Conservative were to say same thing (obscenities excluded), he would have either been chased off the stage or had a cap busted in his ass. (Pardon the Ebonics)

Rock was sounding like me on one of my more pissed-off day.

Basically, I support Laura on her use of nigger.

I also retain my right to use the word "wigger" when referring to a young, white dork who chooses to act like a nigger.


Juantos Calama said...

I and Trixie have been using that with our next door neighbor, the Iraqi. He didn't get it! It was probably because he was too tired and hungry. (heh-heh)

Now about the Iranian reactor...We hope nothing comes of it because we live right across the Persian Gulf from them. If something does, I will wake up to the thunder of thermo-nuclear blasts not to mention the flashes of light. Don't think my curtains will be able to block that out.
We are going to buy our tritium detectors today to be ready for the fireworks!
Anyway, we will send some photos of the mushroom clouds so you can post them on your show page. (If our camera lenses aren't melted)

Oh yeah, another point of interest:
The last day of Ramadan(a-ding-dong) IS 9/10...hmmm?

Love and radiation salutations,
Juantos and Trixie.

Your "Glowing" Mid-East Correspondents
FYI: Islamic Holidays

Jz said...

Thanks for both comments - I intended to read them on the show today and got involved on other things. Both of you make good points, and I'll get to them soon.