Thursday, August 26, 2010


72 dead in rural Mexico connected to drug wars
11 year old girl 'masturbates' in 'Mad Men' on TV
Democrats privately acknowledge: No recovery
Show No. 159-2010

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Opening • Comment Line: Ray calls about his 'R' word email • On giving words such power over us • Audio: Jimmy Z reading Ray's email from a few days ago • Comment Line: SonlitKnight's 4 part series: The Election is entering a new phase • Obama's numbers on Rasmussen • Recovery Summer • Hardening political opinion • THE SUMMER OF RECOVERY • Public works projects do not recover the economy • My world famous David Axelrod impression • Job creation is not happening • Audio: Obama says China's infrastructure is better suited than the US • 60 mile traffic jam in China • 72 bodies found in rural Mexico • Don't spend your money vacationing in Mexico • Gangs kill migrants who don't pay for trafficking • 28,000 dead since December 2006 • More mass graves • Audio: PBS report on 72 dead in Mexico •

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Opening • Mad Men: 11 year old actress 'masturbates' on TV • Childhood masturbation & the parenting lesson in 'Mad Men' • Clinical psychologist says this is normal, parents need to avoid shaming children • 'What is wrong with you?' • Where are the parents of the young actress? • I need to dig up Rush Limbaugh's comments on this • Howie Mandell on America's Got Talent criticized young dancers for a routine that as not age appropriate • Democrat jokes 'Nancy Pelosi could fall ill and die' • Democrats privately concede 'Recovery Summer' not happening • Democrats campaigning against Bush again • Biden's prediction: 500,000 jobs a month • Florida polling: Marco Rubio ahead by 10 points • Rasmussen survey: Americans trust Republicans on all 10 major issues • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • The Trust survey • Electoral vote redistribution • Governors and redistricting • Audio: Bruce Springsteen endorses Barack Obama, 2008 • Audio: Christopher Hitchens endorses Barack Obama, 2008 •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Politico: Obama, Biden declare 'Recovery Summer' (June, 2010)
YouTube: Obama says China's infrastructure is better suited than US
MSNBC: Worst traffic jam ever? Gridock spans 60 miles in China
Wall Street Journal: 72 bodies found in rural Mexico
YouTube: 72 bodies found in connection to Mexican drug war
CBS News: What can 'Mad Men' teach parents about childhood masturbation
BlogTown: Mad Men Monday
CBS News: Bobby Bright jokes Nancy Pelosi might die
The Politico: Democrats privately fear House prospects worsening
US News & World Report: Not even Bush can save democrats from falling economy
The Daily Caller: GOP reminds Biden of recovery forecast
Washington Post: Biden predicts economy will create 500,000 jobs a month soon
National Review: Bennet Bombshell: Trillions in debt, 'nothing to show for it'
Rasmussen Reports: Election 2010: Florida Senate race
Rasmussen Reports: Trust on the issues survey
270 to Win: Electoral votes in 2012
Washington Examiner: Redistricting could prolong the Democrats' pain
YouTube: Barack Obama endorsement: Bruce Springsteen
YouTube: Christopher Hitchens endorses Obama

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