Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Bible is the moral benchmark, not the judge
United States in peril: Homosexual judges, politicians

Lots of audio, analysis & commentary
Show No. 145-2010

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Opening • Audio: Basil Marceaux, running for Governor of Tennessee • Proposition 8 in California • Music: The Ballad of Ben Gay • Overview: Judge overturns Proposition 8 • What the Bible says of homosexuality • The homosexual argument against what the Bible says • 'Jesus never said anything about same sex marriage' Oh really? • Drudge report • Rant: Where does an individual's right to marry whomever end? • Audio: Mark Levin • Levin on the 14th amendment • Mark Levin with Ed Wayland • Analysis: The judge's motivations • Reading: Judge's ruling will be overruled • Rant: Attraction & choosing who to have sex with • How the decision will affect society • Schwarzenegger and Villaraigosa cheer the decision • They celebrate perversion, depravity •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Days of B. Hussein' • Judge Vaughn Walker's record of being impartial • Rant: Gay Olympic Games sued by the Olympics committee • We've put our country in peril by having homosexual judges and homosexual politicians leading us • Audio: Emmy nominees on Prop 8 ruling • Audio: Atheist comments on ruling • Rant: Homosexuals brought their sex lives into public discussion • Audio: Have a spaz dance, eat an entire pizza to celebrate • Audio: Hyper gay guy is very happy • Audio: I want to go to California! • Audio: Nation for Marriage fights on • One video removed • Audio: Young woman thinks anyone should be able to marry anyone • Audio: Great melody, great voices singing about their homosexual friends (ack) • Audio: Michael Savage on Proposition 8 ruling • Caller challenges Savage • Audio: Homo in Pennsylvania celebrating CA ruling • Audio: One more homosexual, 'It's a great day for human rights' •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Basil Marceaux running for Governor of Tennessee
About: Bible verses on homosexuality - What the Bible says*
Soul Force: What the Bible does - and doesn't say - about homosexuality
YouTube: Family Guy, Peter's Cowboy Song
Facebook: Jimmy Z: CA Prop 8 held to be unconstitutional
Mark Levin Show: Audio page
San Francisco Chronicle: Prop 8: Judge Walker's bias will be overruled
LA Times: Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa cheer judge's rejection of Prop 8
San Francisco Chronicle: Gay judge has proven record of impartiality
YouTube: Emmy nominees discuss the overturning of Prop 8
YouTube: Prop 8 rant on opposers of same sex marrige
YouTube: Proposition 8 overturned!!!
YouTube: Proposition 8 overturned!!! Yay!!! Noh8!!!
YouTube: Proposition 8 overturned
YouTube: Judge Walker strikes down Prop 8, help us fight back!
YouTube: Prop 8 over turned!
YouTube: Gaysong - a Rocky & Balls creation
YouTube: Savage: Homosexual marriage degrades and mock traditional marriage
YouTube: Justice in CA flows across America
YouTube: Proposition 8 is enough! Equal rights for all in 2010!


Anonymous said...

Another awesome show Jimmy! Every Christian should listen to this one ~ parents should have their children listen WITH them to the scripture readings from the Bible concerning homosexuals. One can argue with God's word but that doesn't change what it says.

God bless you Jimmy Z and thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth.

Jim McMahon said...

Jimmy, I’ve got a few questions for you on two different topics;

If I’m not mistaken, gay marriage is already legal in Iowa and a handful of other states on the east coast. Considering the fact that a heterosexual couple can get married anywhere that they want to and be considered legally married wherever they live, then what would prevent a gay couple from a state that doesn’t allow it, to go to one of these states, get married and go back to where they live? Wouldn’t that still be recognized as a legal marriage?

Also, since the only way to test for marijuana use is a blood or urine test, if they legalize marijuana, how would the police be able to determine if a driver they pulled over is impaired or not? Drug tests will show different substances in the body for X amount of time, but does not determine a current toxicity level. Absent the telltale signs and smell of alcohol, this could be a huge problem. Just because someone smoked a joint a few days ago and is driving a car today, does not mean he, or she is not impaired in any way now. And driving while inebriated on pot or any other drug, is no better than driving intoxicated on alcohol.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.