Monday, August 23, 2010


Jennifer Aniston uses the R-word & people flip out!
Conservatives caving to the homosexual agenda

Coulter slams conservatives, cozy with homosexuals
Show No. 156-2010

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Opening • Jimmy Z comment line • Freedom Lover's post regarding the Ted Hayes speech • California GOP kills resolution supporting Arizona and SB 1070 • Meg Whitman and her director of Latino outreach do not support SB 1070 • Lt. Gov. Abel Maldanado • Net Talk World announcement • Jennifer Aniston's use of the R-word • Audio: The Rhode Show (Providence, RI) commentators flip out over use of the R-word • Jimmy Z responds to these 'retards' • Rant: It's not the word, it's the emotion and hate behind the word • 'I'm this, you're that' • The K-word • The B-word • The C-word • Rant: Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me • CONSERVATISM MOVING TOWARD CAPITULATION WITH HOMOSEXUALITY • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about bringing Elton John to perform at his wedding • Audio: Mark Levin talks about Elton John at Limbaugh's wedding •

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Opening • Music: 'The Ballad of Ben Gay' • Rant: I'm not saying people should hate Elton John • Audio: Michael Savage on the Limbaugh wedding & Elton John • Elton John, Rush Limbaugh & homosexual marriage • Elton says he has no legal rights in California • Limbaugh said to believe homosexuality is determined by biology • Where does 'building bridges' lead? • ANN COULTER • Ann Coulter, World Net Daily & Joseph Farah • 'Fake Christians' • Audio: Ann Coulter on Fox News' 'Red Eye' • Rant: What comes after homosexual marriage • Have sex behind closed doors, I don't care, but when you force society to accept you, we get to have our say • Ann Coulter slamming conservatives like Joseph Farah, cozy with homosexual activists • Coulter applauded by 'young conservatives' • Liberals and homosexuals are enjoying the conservative infighting • 'Conservative' website Red State argues for conservative support of homosexual marriage • Audio: 'Conservative' lawyer Ted Olson fights Prop 8 in CA • Newsweek argues homosexual marriage is a conservative value • Audio: Glenn Beck tells Bill O'Reilly that homosexual marriage is not bad for the country • Americans For Truth: Why Glenn Beck is Wrong • Letter to Elizabeth Hasslebeck from Peter LaBarbara •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Freedom Lover: Images from the Stand for Arizona rally the MSM will never show
LA Times: Election 2010: State Republican Party looks to turn the page
Washington Independent: CA GOP kills resolution supporting Arizona Immigration Law
YouTube: The Buzz: Jennifer Aniston under fire
YouTube: Jennifer Aniston blasted for using the R-word
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh wedding, Elton John Part 1
YouTube: Mark Levin on Rush Limbaugh's wedding
YouTube: Michael Savage: Elton John at Limbaugh wedding is like...
On Top Mag: Limbaugh says he shares Elton John's view on homosexual marriage
Washington Post: Why Limbaugh loves Elton John
World Net Daily: WND drops Ann Coulter from Miami event over homoconflict
World Net Daily: Ann Coulter on WND: 'They're a bunch of fake Christians
YouTube: Red Eye: Ann Coulter dropped by WND over homosexuals
World Net Daily: Ann Coulter slams Farah as 'swine', 'publicity whore'
Politics Daily: Ann Coulter applauded by young conservatives for 'Homocon' speech
GOProud: Ann Coulter dropped from right wing event for liking homosexuals
On Top Mag: Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck labeled 'deserters' over homosexual rights
Capitol Hill Blue: Ann Coulter bitch slaps Joe Farah
Red State: The conservative case to rethink homosexual marriage
MSNBC: Video: Anti-Prop 8 attorneys discuss victory
Newsweek: The conservative case for homosexual marriage
Talking Points Memo: Glenn Beck: Homosexual marriage is not a threat to the country
Americans For Truth: Why Glenn Beck is wrong
Americans For Truth: Letter to Elizabeth Hasslebeck


Montana said...

I am so happy that the ugly (inside and out) crazy old gym teacher reaped what she had sowed. She could have gotten her argument across by saying “N word” and not using the word and by not saying "don't NAACP me" but like Michael Richards AKA “Cosmo Kramer”,she ends up the the trash heap of history, a history of her own making. I am so happy that the free market AKA sponsors started to pull their ads (I guess they were exercising their free speach) and she finally realized that she was just another “run of the mill gabby” and her days were numbered. She realized that she was not as smart as she thought she was, finally!

The problem with Palin is the same when she mistakenly referred to Ronald Reagan Eureka College, being in California and we all know its in Illinois, same thing, she does not fact check anything she is going to say. She is soooo Palin!

Benito said...

You Republicans are so funny, when the economy is good you say let’s all celebrate “Cinco de Mayo, my brothers” but when the economy is down “it’s all your fault, you damn immigrant”. When most Americans (with Latin America roots) go to the polls this November we will remember that the GOP has gone on a nationwide rant in proposing and passing several anti-immigration legislation and have continue to blame us for the flat economy or worse. We will remember who stands with us and who stands against us, so trying to stop it now is somewhat funny, but go ahead, you will not change our minds. You hate made you do it, in November; you will reap what you have sown.

Jz said...

Montana, thanks for writing, I appreciate it. You do see however to be angry with Dr. Laura more for being Dr. Laura than for having said the N word. That being said, Dr. Laura knew very well that whatever the context, the word 'nigger' is nothing but trouble on the radio, for any host that uses it under any circumstances. My argument is that we should not be giving a word that much power over us - so much so that we need to talk about the word like children, referring to it as 'the N word'.

Comparing Dr. Laura to Michael Richards makes no sense whatsoever, as Dr. Laura was not angry and made a specific point about the use of the word, whereas Richards was just ticked off and throwing a fit, actually calling specific people 'N words'.

The 'run of the mill gabby' has 9 million listeners. You may dislike her, but she's no fluke. And if her advertisers were upset with her using the word, they obviously had not listened to the context. Dr. Laura made a very smart move, taking away the activists' opportunity to attack her.

As to Palin, I think you can come up with better criticism, because even I can.

Jz said...

Benito: Thank you for your comments - I appreciate you taking the time. You're incorrect you know: Conservatives who are against illegal immigration have always been against illegal immigration, and the only real 'cinco de mayo' celebrations up here are just people boozing for no good reason at all - in good and not so great economic times alike.

You must not have listened very carefully, because the GOP is about legislation against ILLEGAL immigration, not LEGAL immigration. Illegal immigration hurts, as I have said on the show, legal immigrants. Those of your heritage who are here legally should stand up with conservatives and fight against illegal immigration, because you and your families, and other minorities, are hurt by it most.

Come November, Obama's agenda will lead to a national, epic victory for conservatives and Republicans. The hate is on your side, my racist friend. If you are here illegally, soon you will have to return to your homeland and get in line.

Freedomlover said...

Well said JZ!!