Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Black patriots answer charges of Tea Party racism
Dick Morris: We need to let the states go bankrupt

SonlitKnight predicts The GOP ticket for 2012
Show No. 149-2010

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Opening • Issues from Facebook • Obama signs bailout for union workers in states • Teachers unions, public employee unions • Rant: Liberals believe corporate taxes don't get passed on to consumers • How are the democrats paying for this union bailout? • Rant: I am now anti-teacher • A call for teachers to stop paying their union dues • Audio: Black patriots gather for press conference in Washington DC regarding accusations of racism in the Tea Party movement • Audio: 'Race should never be an issue' • Rant: Waking up family members who hate politics • File problems with the computer • Jimmy Z: When we gather in groups by race, we are playing the liberals' game • Brian's writes follow up commentary on black conservatives • Someone removed stickers from Brian's car - on the church lot! • Dick Morris articles • Ethical reforms Republicans should embrace • Memo to Republicans: Depersonalize the campaign • Why we need to let the states go broke • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Why Dick Morris is right •

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Opening • SonlitKnight continued • Governors are going to have to lead their states into bankruptcy • Chris Christie battling unions in New Jersey • The Electoral College • Democrat governors pledge to spend $50 million • SonlitKnight predicts the GOP Presidential ticket in 2012 • President and vice-president picks on record as of 11 August 2010 • Bill Keller due to join us tomorrow or Friday, will talk about The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero • Rant: Answering the Islam lie with the truth of Christianity • Audio: John Lennon on socialism and Presidential hero worship • ICE officers union votes 'no confidence' in ICE leadership • ICE union believes ICE leadership is pro amnesty • Audio: Fox News: The Electoral College scandal with Michael Reagan • Audio: Portion of a message by Joel Osteen: Change your perspective, be thankful

Joel Osteen: Change your perspective and be thankful: .....

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