Friday, January 14, 2011


Obama declares France to be our best ally
Arnold's apology not accepted by Santos family

Radicals planning big protests in March: Good!
Show No. 010-2011

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Opening • Rant: Obama pep rally instead of a proper memorial • 'Together We Thrive' dates back to February 2008 on Obama's website • Michelle Malkin was right • PolitiFact website says Michelle Malkin's claim is false • Email back and forth with PolitiFact • New Quinipiac poll says Americans believe the left has more heated rhetoric • On reading hateful Tweets about Sarah Palin • Barack Obama the Community Organizer was behind turning the memorial into a pep rally • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: The Arizona Shooting • Michelle Obama tells parents to teach their children 'tolerance' • Obama may have undercut the Federal charges against Loughner • 22 ways to be a good Democrat • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Robert from Florida • Arnold Schwarzenegger • Democrats and the national debt • The Constitution is sacred • Please pray for the victims in Arizona • Twitter threats against Sarah Palin •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Mmm Mmm Mmm, Barack Hussein Obama', Jimmy Z • Audio: Commentary from New Yorker on Youtube • Latest on Arnold Schwarzenegger: A letter of apology, but for what? • Last act before leaving office, act of cronyism • Reading Arnold's letter of apology to the Santos family • Audio: CBS 2 report, trying to interview Arnold about the apology letter • More from Robert in Florida • Sheriff Dupnk was told Loughner was dangerous • Unions and elections • Donald Trump, the Tea Party and running for president in 2012 • Michael Steele pulls out of the race for RNC Chair • Unemployment, jobless claims, and the latest on the economy • Audio: Caller to Sharpton on the radio regarding the Palin blame game • Rant: Polarizing politics, partisanship and gridlock is good • Radicals planning big protests in March • Rant: Good, let them! • Obama declares France our greatest ally, offends Britain • Rhode Island ban against public employees calling talk radio on work time • The liberal siege against talk radio •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Canada Free Press: Theme of 'Together We Thrive' T-shirt came from Obama website
Canada Free Press: Screen capture of Obama website with 'Together We Thrive' slogan
Organizing for America: Obama website, John Berry IV's 'Together We Thrive'
PolitiFact: Did the White House 'brand' memorial service with logo and slogan?
Quinipiac: New national poll shows Americans believe liberals speak more rhetoric
CNS News: Michelle Obama urges 'tolerance' in open letter to American parents
Instapundit: Obama speech undercuts federal charge against Loughner
Freedom is Knowledge: 22 ways to be a good Democrat
LA Times: Schwarzenegger sent apology letter to victim's family
CBS 2: Copy of the Schwarzenegger letter to Santos
CBS 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger refuses to talk to report about the apology letter
NY Daily News: Outgoing RNC Chairman Michael Steele's 10 best gaffes
Facebook: SonlitKnight: Making sense of all the conflicting economic numbers
Gallup: Unemployment at 9.6% in December
Reuters: Economy facing headwinds, but Bernanke hopeful
YouTube: Caller confronts Sharpton over Palin blame game
This Nation: Is the United States a democracy?
Big Government: Radicals in planning stages of massive militant US protests
Daily Mail UK: Barack Obama declares France biggest ally 
Projo: No talk radio for Chafee, on duty state workers
The Politico: Talk radio under siege
Fox News: Unsuspecting heroes help contain violence of AZ shooting spree


Anonymous said...

It turns out that the story you spread about Obama lying about Giffords opening her eyes was ITSELF a lie.

Yep, another lie spread from your disgusting side to slander this good man. (just like the outright baseless lie that he was spending 100s of millions of dollars a day on the overseas trip.) -- and all the other lies you thugs have told about Obama.

There is NO low too low for you conservatives. You people disgust me.

I don't care if you don't allow me to comment any more. I'm done with you too. You people are quite simply SICK.

Jz said...

Thanks for listening, but you're wrong again. I didn't spread anything. I read two articles and you need to listen to the beginning of Hour TWO again.

Jz said...

Oh by the way, the price of that trip? The accusations may not have been the exact price, but they weren't entirely baseless. And I have documented many of Obama's lies.

You should listen more often. Good man? No, not even close.