Monday, January 3, 2011


SHOW No. 500
Almost anyone would be better than Barack Obama
United We Stand with Michael Stollaire

The disaster that was Arnold Schwarzenegger
Show No. 001-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Should Lt. Col. Allen West run for President? • Just about anyone would be a better President than Barack Obama • Let Allen West do the job he was elected to do • Jimmy Z accused of insulting and offending Rep. West • I'm not afraid to disagree when it's necessary • Rant: There is no one politician who can pull the country out of it's tailspin • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire • United We Stand • Rant: Conservatives are desperate • Our candidate must win over the independent voters • On Marco Rubio running for President • The most annoying holiday commercial • 'Anonymous' accuses Jimmy Z of being a RINO (website comments) • Why I wouldn't align the show with a Tea Party organization • Show No. 500 •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Remember Y2K? Someone is always trying to scare Americans • 2011: Getting the job done • Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves office in California • Schwarzenegger did great damage to the state & the GOP • Gov. Arnold to pursue books and speeches • Audio: Television report on Arnold leaving office • Audio: The Governator's farewell address • Slicing and dicing Schwarzenegger's farewell • The damage done by Arnold and the democrats • Schwarzenegger commutes over half of Esteban Nunez's sentence • Michelle Malkin on Arnold's shameful last act of political cronyism •

1 comment: said...

We get what we deserve when we in CA allow MASSIVE illegal alien invasion and voter fraud.

Arnold was TERRIBLE

Meg was terrible


But we ,the people,did not vote for McClintock or DeVore so we got RINO's and losers