Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Senate democrats about to change the rules again
Blacks react on YouTube to Dr. Laura using the N-word

Capt. Owen Honors' big mistake in judgment
Show No. 002-2011

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Opening • Obama ready to use executive powers against the GOP in Congress • Audio: Obama's weekly address last Saturday • Motorist flips off Obama and his motorcade in Hawaii • Harry Reid  is about to change Senate rules again • Hypocrisy is typical for democrats • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Why changing the rules in the Senate may not help the democrats after all • Eric Cantor posts the Bill to Repeal Obamacare online • Audio: Rep. elect Allen West and Sen. elect Mike Lee on Fox News Sunday • Allen West is a top notch conservative • Computer screw up, script warnings on Firefox • Audio: TV report, Capt. Owen Honors, commander of the USS Enterprise • How could this guy think these videos were a good idea? • Dr. Laura Schlessinger is on Sirius Satellite Radio now • Review: Dr. Laura's N-word 'rant' last August • YouTube reactions by black Americans • Audio: A black woman explains why black people can say the N-word and white people can't • Rant: Either the word is offensive or it's not •

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Opening • Audio: Nancy Giles (CBS News) prattles on about the N-word and how much she hates Dr. Laura • Audio: Black woman notes the difference between 'nigger' and 'nigga' • Audio: Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton go off on Dr. Laura • Al Sharpton ignores the context of what Dr. Laura said • Rush Limbaugh must be thrown off the radio • Al Sharpton and the black woman calling Dr. Laura 'Miss Laura' is racist • Audio: Black man on YouTube speaks eloquently about what Dr. Laura said • Music: Dr. Laura N-word dance mix • Audio: Howard Stern and Robin Quivers on Dr. Laura • Music: Blues song about Dr. Laura saying the N-word • Audio: TMOT speaks out about black people being hypocrites • Audio: Commentary about not allowing words to have such power over us as people •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Washington Examiner: Obama ready to deploy executive powers against the GOP
YouTube: President Obama's weekly address - 1/1/11
PR Online News: Passing motorist flips off Obama and 10 car Hawaii motorcade
Facebook: Wow... Democrats arrogance on full display in the Senate
Congress.org: Activists brace for new Senate rules
ScribD: Healthcare bill repeal from Eric Cantor
Fox News: Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: Rep. elect Allen West and Sen. elect Mike Lee
YouTube: Navy investigates lewd videos
Media Matters: Full audio: Dr. Laura's N-word rant
YouTube: Hey Dr. Laura, this is why I can say nigga and you can't
YouTube: Nancy Giles (CBS News) on Dr. Laura's N-word rant
YouTube: Commentary on Dr. Laura's N-word rant
YouTube: Ed Schultz & Al Sharpton: Dr. Laura's new Sirius radio deal
YouTube: Dr. Laura Schlessinger: Is she really a racist?
YouTube: Dr. Laura 'That's funny nigga' dance remix (vulgar video title)
YouTube: Dr. Laura 'nigger nigger nigger' rant
YouTube: Dr. Laura said the word nigga - A black man speaks on it
YouTube: Dr. Laura, John Mayer & the word 'nigger'
YouTube: Dr. Laura & 'niggers'

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