Friday, January 28, 2011


Palin's 'WTF' moment: Its not cool, it's vulgar
Congress to investigate Obamacare waivers
Why Obama is attaching himself to Reagan 

Schwarzenegger likely to take Obama post
Show No. 020-2011

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Opening • Shocker: Update on the school cop shot last week in Southern California • Audio: Part 2 of the interview with Wendy's employee who was beaten at work by 15 year old girls • American Idol: Chris Medina's talent over shadowed by his character • Audio: VP Joe Biden talks about John Boehner and the Lame Duck session of congress • Rant: That's not what America voted for, Mr. Biden! • Rant: I don't want Republicans and conservatives in Washington DC to get along and be friends •

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Opening • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • Obama Lies montage • Audio: Sarah Palin's 'WTF' moment during the State of the Union speech • Rant: WTF isn't cute or hip, it's vulgar • Audio: Chris Matthews on using 'WTF' • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Dupnik makes Basil Marceaux sound intelligent • MTV shows about kids having sex • Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men and television vulgarity • Charlie Sheen's income and why television persists: Money • The Birth Certificate • GOP infomercials • Ben Stein on Obama's promises • 'Clean' coal • Audio: My prediction from January 3rd: Arnold will be working with Obama • Why is Obama attaching himself to Reagan? • Palin will deliver Keynote at Reagan Centennial dinner • Congress to probe Obamacare waivers • Rant: If Obamacare is good for America, why does everyone want a waiver?

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KTLA 5: LAUSD cop arrested, charged with falsifying a report
My Fox NY: Vicious attack on Wendy's employee in Queens
Popeater: Chris Medina gets love from The Script, band behind 'Breakeven'
Yahoo News: Vice President Biden explains State of the Union whispers with Boehner
Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin's 'WTF' reaction to the State of the Union
YouTube: MSNBC's Matthews slams Palin for 'WTF' 
YouTube: Sarah Palin calls President Obama's Sputnik mention a 'WTF' moment
YouTube: Basil Marceaux, the next Governor of Tennessee
American Spectator: Ben Stein: Promises, Promises
OC Register: Mr. Schwarzenegger goes to Washington
The Politico: Energy czar's exit sparks intrigue
Time: Obama's Reagan 'bromance': Admiring the Gipper's vision
The Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration website
USA Today: Palin and Cheney to address Reagan Centennial event
CNS News: Congress will probe waivers for Obamacare to unions and businesses


Anonymous said...

You're not going to get the country you want unless civil war happens and you by chance win that bloody war ... You obviously don't want us to be friends -- so would you go far as to suggest we be mortal enemies?

By the way, how'd that first civil war work out for you conservatives? I imagine you don't even realize which side was conservative in 1860 -- you probably think the republican party started out as the conservative party .. (is it wrong for me to assume you are uneducated pond scum?)

Shall I show more respect to a P.O.S. who considers me his enemy? Do you think we should have a total breakdown of respect for our political counterparts in America - perhaps to the point where we don't see them as human?

To be honest, I've never felt so much hate and disgust for a group of people in my life. My feelings are shared by many on your side and my own... I can see this getting very ugly in the not so distant future.

Jz said...

If it comes to war, as it did when our founders fought tyranny at the beginning of this nation, that's the way it is. Not my first choice, but free people will not put up with tyranny.

The Civil War is what it is - My guess is that if there were such a war to protect the Constitutional Freedom we were given by our founders, that would be revolutionary war, not a civil war. But I don't anticipate any of that will be necessary.

The changes made in November 2010 will continue in November 2012.

You are a political enemy. The level of respect you show will determine how much you are allowed to comment here.

I covered all of that in the show - about respect and courtesy. Listen again.

Your hatred is much more typical of those like you on the left, as we have documented many times. Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

"Your hatred is much more typical of those like you on the left, as we have documented many times. Thanks for writing."

You obviously haven't paid attention to the vitriol from your side. I can give you countless examples; I'll start with one -- Look up "Hal Turner" for a tiny example. (He's in prison now) but during the run up to Obama Inauguration day he was urging his supporters to violently attack attendee's of the inauguration. I remember reading the comments section of his website - it was FULL of conservatives who agreed with him... I never saw any site like this suggesting terrorism toward Bush inauguration ...

The fact is, this was just a drop in the bucket. Go look up the archives on a site like
if you want to see many more examples of conservatives calling for violence against liberals. The owner of that site has been repeatedly threatened for daring to expose your fellow conservatives.

Don't feed me this BS that liberals have more hatred/violence than conservatives. True, there is ugliness on both sides but the vast majority in the last couple years has been on YOUR SIDE of the aisle. If you took your head out of your colon for a minute you'd see th is.

Jz said...

"You obviously haven't paid attention to the vitriol from your side." -- Maybe not, but I have you telling me you are filled with hate.

Hal Turner is a psychopath. No conservatives I know have any idea even who he is. He has followers, sure, just like some violent left wing eco-nazis fringe groups too. Want me to compare you to the psychos at Earth First?

Never any such thing about Bush? I talked about it on the show not too long ago! Both Michelle Malkin and Pamela Geller documented reams of photos and links that showed the left calling for Bush to be hung, decapitated, Bush is Hitler, etc etc etc. You have no room to talk at all here.

You spend way more time with psychos than I do. It might be fun going toe to toe with lefty loons and righty loons, but the lefty loons are the left's mainstream, buddy.

It's no BS. As I've said, the truth is on MY side.

John said...

I loved the part on the complexity of the cruel tax code!

Anonymous said...

WTF = vulgar?

Omg you have a stick so far up your rear man... lighten the heck up.

Jz said...

By this post we know that you either do not know what 'WTF' means, or that you appreciate and affirm vulgarity. So please do tell: Which is it?

Anonymous said...

In response to the music you write for your show:

Do you know why liberal artists can write so much better music than you -- Liberals are inspired. Conservatives are by their very nature afraid to look outside their tiny box.

Liberal artists are generally more in touch with their spirituality than any of you pretend Christians.

Seriously man, your music is boring and UN INSPIRED. I could write loops around you.

Jz said...

Well I got three more emails from 'anonymous' showing off his or her vulgarity, nastiness and hatred. I can't publish his or her emails because they're laced with profanity, but there they are censored:

(1) I don't think saying WHAT THE F*** is wrong or nasty or vulgar. Stick to your age old superstitions and anxieties; I'll relax and enjoy life and be good to my fellow man (as long as my fellow man isn't a f***ing prick - hint hint) have a good day.

(2) So you can say "To hell with you" but I shouldn't say "Wtf" Man, seriously, lol -- you such a d***....

(2) Grow up Jimmy you self righteous a**hole. Don't worry - You don't have to tell me I'm banned from commenting -- I already know it.. WTF ..

A great example of what is wrong with the left, and that ultimately the left cannot engage in debate or discussion without going haywire. I do appreciate these emails because of what they illustrate. Obviously, the point about having someone like Sarah Palin, who ran for vice president, using the acronym WTF - which is vulgar - flew right over anonymous' pinhead.

Jz said...

As to my music: I'll put some of my riffs up against most of the crap that passes for pop and rock music today - easily better. I'm no great musician, but my level of creativity on so many levels sure is impressive. Pretty much makes me a renaissance man.

John said...

"I could write loops around you." So where's the proof? What has he wrote? At least we hear what you've done... I've played guitar probably longer that he's been alive. I play because I enjoy it. All the musicians I've ever played with are not critical of others. But rather, supportive and encouraging...
I like most genre of music except rap. but that|s just me... not to my taste. But if the or who ever likes it. More power to em!
And I though the left are supposed to be the ones that have the utopia, kumbaya, love fest thing going on...

Anonymous said...

Like I said Jimmy, your music is UNINSPIRED / UNINSPIRING . ( which is nothing new when it comes to conservative artists )

Oh and you honestly think you could put your music up against CURRENT artists? Sure there are a lot of garbage bands out but this is not the late 90s/early 2000s -- Music has been reborn and is more vital than ever -- Bands like Muse, Metric, Black Keys, White Stripes and so many others are pushing the envelope and are as good or better than anything that came before them.

Anonymous said...

one more thing - I hate to break it to you , but these comments are NOT considered e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Just a small sample of one of the greats --soon to be legendary-- modern musicians --

Muse - Take a Bow

More musically advanced than anything the 60s produced and just as politically/socially aware.

So you can compete with what's out there today? Riiiight. So far = Fail. Keep trying.

Jz said...

I don't write my music for you - hate to burst your bubble. I write it for me, I crank it up too loud and grind out power chords because that's what I like. Funny thing is, I get a lot of very positive comments on the music, so once again, your opinion is tainted by your bias (and hate and disgust - your words).

The bands you use as an example are all pretty old news by now.

But I'm glad you're listening.

Jz said...

Hate to break it to you but every comment comes to me in the form of an email - Mr. PitNicky. lol

Jz said...

Are you kidding me? Muse is entirely inspired by and influenced by the 60s and 70s - the single greatest musical explosion in creativity and innovation in all of pop music history.

So what do we have here? Yes cum ELP cum King Crimson cum David Bowie Electric Light Orchestra cum Uriah Heep with a trance track.

I have little against it - I think Muse is a great band - but they're not as original as you think.

John said...

About SP's WTF moment. Obama sad "win the future" in his address. It fit! WTF... It's commonly used by many people. As is LMAO. Or one I use often, SNAFU. Situation normal all fouled up. Or "fricken"...
sounds better than the actual words.
I feel it wasn't the best choice, but there was a point to it.
Still, aren't there bigger issues to talk about?