Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Scott Brown: Forget the 'itty bitty' R after my name
SEIU protest flier has address and cross hairs

High school shooting in Gardena CA
Show No. 012-2011

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Opening • Rep Giffords great progress recovering • Audio: Giffords' husband on her condition • Giffords once boasted of being a good shot with her Glock •  President Obama's EPA revokes coal permit in West Virginia • Audio: Obama on coal and electricity rates skyrocketing • Shocking: The NAACP builds a box to hide George Washington statue • SEIU to protest at developer's home • SEIU flier has developer's home address & cross hairs target • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Matt Bruce of Net Talk World • Arizona shooting • The message is positive and optimistic • Extended gun clips • The Tea Party in 2011 • Scientists warn CA could face winter 'superstorm'

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Opening • High School shooting in Glendale, CA • Reports from KTLA 5 and KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles • Scott Brown: A huge mistake by the Tea Party • Scott Brown in favor of 'bipartisan seating' at the State of the Union speech, says the 'itty bitty' R after his name doesn't matter • Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to being 'addicted' to political power as Governor • Audio: Sarah Palin campaigning for John McCain last March • Another photo of the George Washington statue covered by a wooden box by the NAACP • Rant: Please pass this picture around and call the NAACP •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Giffords smiled and gave husband a neck rub
ABC News: Mark Kelly on Gabrielle Giffords' condition
McClatchy DC: What do Giffords' shooter, police have in common?
Newser: Giffords boasted of her prowess with a Glock
Fox News: Obama coal crackdown sends message to industry
Atlas Shrugs: Boxing George Washington
Atlas Shrugs: Obama's civilian army, SEIU, 'targets' Walmart and the poor
The Captain's America: Matt Bruce radio programming
AP: Scientists warn California could be struck by winter 'superstorm'
TPM: Scott Brown: Forget the little 'itty bitty' R after my name
CBS News: Schwarzenegger was 'addicted' to being Governor
Fox News: Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity, Campaigning for John McCain
Fox News: George Washington concealed by the NAACP


Anonymous said...

Come on Jimmy. Don't stop with Arnold., If you are going to stop watching his movies because you disagree with his politics why don't you be a man and not watch ANY movie with liberals ... Just stick to re-runs of John Wayne movies - You won't have much else to pick from lol.

(Jimmy Z: Doing everything I can to further the divide in America. God, I'm here, use me! DIVIDE!)

Jz said...

There is a big difference between most Hollywood liberals who blather opinion in public from their ivory towers of fame and fortune, and what Arnold has done to the once great State of California. We are going to have to deal with is reckless governance for years to come; his cowardice to stand up for the peepul of Caleefonia; his global warming eco-nazism; his blind support of labor unions; etc etc.

But it is his cavalier commutation of a valid 16 year sentence for a murderous thug gang banger son of a leftist political ally that is most disgusting, and the reason why NO ONE should sit down and watch any Schwollenpeckeh movie again. If you would like to address any of those specifics, that would be great. If not, I understand why you turn your attention to the host and not the issues.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I think we should be encouraging Arnold to make more movies, if it'll keep him away from politics.


Anonymous said...

Matt lost most of his credibility with me when he said he supported a ban on high-capacity magazines and claimed "sportsmen" don't need them.

I didn't buy most of my guns for "sporting" purposes. I bought most of them for self-defense. In other words, for shooting people.

He lost the rest of his credibility when he said he supported Romney, who passed Romneycare (Who is only claiming he's now against his own plan because he wants Conservatives to support him), who's anti-gun and if I recall correctly, he's pro-homo.


Jz said...

If you listen carefully Matt put Romney in the top position (which I also disagree with), but didn't exactly say he supported him. Still, he seemed to believe Romney's defense for signing Romneycare and I have a big problem with that. Perhaps meeting these charismatic candidates is a bad thing. *L*

Jz said...

Additional comment too long for this section: