Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Auburn prof removes N-word from Huck Finn
Murder victim's family suffers all over again

Nancy Pelosi angry over Obamacare repeal
Show No. 003-2011

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Opening • More N-word talk on the Jimmy Z Show • The issue is bigger than Dr. Laura • The N-word removed from Huckleberry Finn by Auburn Professor • Teaching students with an edited version of Huck Finn • More on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger • Sentence commuted from 16 years to 7 years • Audio: John and Ken 1: Overview, Arnold should be shamed • Audio: CBS 2 News report • Audio: Fox 5 in San Diego • Rant: The family has to grieve over this murder all over again • Audio: John and Ken 2: Interview with San Diego Prosecutor • Big action hero Arnold will not take questions on the issue • Audio: John and Ken 3: Interview with victim's father Fred Santos • Maybe Gov. Jerry Brown can undo the Arnold sentence commutation •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Ride on the Wave', dedicated to the GOP in DC, Jimmy Z • Music: 'Obama Rap' • Jimmy Z Comment Line • The Unknown Caller • Birth Certificates vs. Certificate of Live Birth • Dissecting and responding to The Unknown Caller • Robert in Florida • Racism, the N-word and Cracker • Protecting freedom in the United States • Obama the !?@$%&! president we ever had • Audio: Why Obama is Not A Christian, Reason No. 5 • Audio: Nancy Pelosi: Even if everyone loved their healthcare, we still had to take over • Answering Pelosi point by point • Unsustainable government • Audio: Fox News reports: Murder of Bush aide, John Wheeler • We don't know more than we do know • Beware Sorcha Faal articles •

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