Monday, January 10, 2011


Partisan politics: Is the left or right responsible?
Obama to create internet IDs for all Americans

Backing away from the homeless radio guy
Show No. 006-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Shooting of Gabriel Giffords in Arizona • Partisan bickering over an American tragedy • Somewhere along the way, someone damaged the shooter • Building a wall of separation between the people and their representation • Rep. Laura Richardson in Long Beach • First thought after the news hit on Saturday • Reading: The Shooting of Gabriel Giffords by Jimmy Z • Reading: Vultures, Blood and Political Hay • Pulling away from the Golden Voiced homeless radio guy • Audio: Drinking with Bob talks about the homeless radio guy • Audio: Drinking with Bob's follow up; Details about Ted Williams • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. talks about the homeless radio guy • Obama prepares to create internet IDs for all Americans • Shocker! Skater Johnny Weir comes out • Rant: It is the leftist agenda that has increased conservative concern and reaction • New York Rep. McCarthy prepares new gun control bill •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Don't be surprised when the media blames conservatives • Audio: Radio interview with Rep. Carolyn McCarthy • Audio: Shooting in AZ generates rhetoric all over the place • Why is the rhetoric angrier and more confrontational? • Rant: Americans are sick of Washington DC not listening to the people • The left has been attacking the Constitution • Rep. Giffords voted for Obamacare • Obama's violent imagery: 'Bring a gun', 'I'm angry!', 'Hit back twice as hard' • Targets, cross-hairs and hypocrisy • Cross-hairs on a map is not advisable • Daily Kos screen captures: 'Giffords is dead to me' • Audio: Rep. James Clyburn: Rhetoric is 'uncalled for' • Krugman at the New York Times perhaps first to go partisan over Giffords shooting • Was Obama watching football all day Saturday? • Audio: Interview with Gabrielle Giffords back in March 2010 • Democrats blame Americans for reacting to what they are doing in Washington • Audio: AZ Sheriff Dupnick blames conservatives for Saturday's shooting • Rant: Truth over lies •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: Jimmy Z: The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords
DRS Scoundrels: Vultures, Blood Politics and Political Hay, Oh My!
YouTube: Drinking with Bob: Homeless radio guy is a joke
YouTube: Drinking with Bob: Homeless radio guy's ex-wife is REAL inspiration
KFI AM640: Tim Conway Jr. page
CNET: Obama to hand Commerce Dept. authority over cybersecurity ID
CBS News: Obama eyeing internet ID for Americans
Fox News: Obama reportedly plans to create internet ID for all Americans
Any Guey: Johnny Weir comes out and other surprising announcements
The Politico: Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill
Newsmax: Dems, Media blame Tea Party, Palin for shooting
NY Times: Bloodshed puts new focus on vitriol in politics
Wordpress: Democrat Target map graphic
Pensitore View: Palin cross-hairs target map graphic
Hill Buzz: Is the Daily Kos involved in Arizona murders?
The Blaze: NY Times' Krugman blames shooting on GOP, 'hatemongers' Beck & Limbaugh
The Politico: Obama spends 5 hours a Jarrett's house
The Daily Beast: Gabrielle Giffords: Tea Party target
Real Clear Politics: Rep. Clyburn discusses Arizona shooting
Mediaite: Gabrielle Giffords: Sarah Palin cross-hairs consequences (March 2010)
YouTube: Sheriff blames talk radio for shooting in Tuscon, AZ


Anonymous said...

You just admitted it on this show by your own words:

You think so negatively about people you ideologically disagree with in politics that you find it hard to think rationally...

Perhaps you think so negatively about them BECAUSE you are so irrational.

Jz said...

And perhaps not - but if you get specific I'll be glad to explain.

AngieComics said...

More importantly, Ernest Borgnine is OLD? When did this happen?