Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Obama to the center: 78% approve of AZ speech
Hawaii Governor can't find Obama birth cert (!)

The Oprah displays her keen brain for politics
Show No. 013-2011

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Opening honoring President Hu Jintao • Poll shows 78% approve of Obama's speech in AZ • Activists call on Obama to call for human rights in China • 'Who's at the White House?' - 'Yes!' • Audio: Abbott & Costello's brilliant 'Who's On First' • President Hu calls international currency a product of the past • Obama moving to the middle • Audio: Newt Gingrich praising Obama's speech • Audio: Chris Christie praising Obama's speech and talking about heated rhetoric • Rant: Funny how we have to be civil with Republicans in the majority • Chris Christie is pandering to Muslims • No thanks to impeachment • Dick Morris on Obama moving to the center • American Thinker on Obama reinventing himself for the election • Obama's campaign for 2012 began in Arizona •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: SNL: President Obama & President Hu press conference (2010) • Robert in Florida on hand guns and extended magazines • Email from Robert • Audio: Piers Morgan interviews Oprah regarding Oprah • Oprah doesn't pay attention to politics • Audio: Oprah on Larry King (2008) • Oprah isn't disappointed at all in Barack Obama • Oprah's fluffy froth explaining why she supports Obama • Music: Jimmy Z sings 'Trust Obama' • Another school related shooting in Northridge CA • KTLA 5 News reports • Audio: More of the Oprah interview • Oprah on a Presidential learning curve • Oprah doesn't want to run for office (thank God) • Audio: Oprah campaigning for Obama (2008) • Two Democrat senators will not run again in 2012 • NAACP contact page washed in South Carolina • Audio: Jimmy Z's message left for the NAACP • The Governor of Hawaii can't find Obama's birth certificate - Is anyone surprised? •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Newsmax: Poll: 78% approve of Obama's speech
AFP: China's Hu: Currency system is 'product of the past'
YouTube: Who's On First?
The Politico: Newt Gingrich praises Barack Obama
ABC News: Newt Gingrich on Obama's speech in AZ
ABC News: Chris Christie on Obama's speech & heated rhetoric
Atlas Shrugs: Governor Christie's Hamas pick for Superior Judgeship
Dick Morris: Obama's Choice
American Thinker: Obama 2.0: The reinvention begins
YouTube: Piers Morgan tries to get Oprah to criticize President Obama
Wall Street Journal: Senators' exit reshape 2012 fight
NAACP - SC: Contact page
World Net Daily: Hawaii Governor can't find Obama birth certificate
World Net Daily: Hawaii Governor announces 'exact' place of Obama's birth (May 2010)
World Net Daily: Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii Governor (Oct 2008)

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