Monday, January 24, 2011


Trump on CNN: China is our enemy, not our friend
Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: Glenn Beck

John McCain: The President has already changed
Show No. 016-2011

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Opening • The Death of Jack LaLanne • Audio: Barack Obama's weekend address • Obama proud of his trip to Asia • Republicans in Congress demanding deep budget cuts • Obama to call for more big spending during the State of the Union • Obama, GE, and Jeffrey Immelt • How much is a trillion dollars? The Baby Jesus Savings Plan • Obama to shift toward job creation • Audio: Sen. Mitch McConnell on Fox News Sunday • Obama is pivoting • Investment means spending • Republicans are willing to work with Obama if he really moves to the center • Michael Stollaire & The Reality Check: Glenn Beck • Keith Olbermann says goodbye at MSNBC • Why did Olbermann quit? • Honor killing trial begins in Arizona • Rush Limbaugh criticized for mocking China's President Hu Jintao •

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Opening • More Chinese Americans very upset over Limbaugh's 'ching chow' quote • There is a difference between racial humor and racism • Rep. David Wu has his own professional problems • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the birth certificate issue from Friday • Rant: Obama is not going to try a fake birth certificate • Donald Trump gave money to the Rahm Emanuel campaign • Audio: Trump on CNN, China is our enemy • Audio: Face the Nation: Sen. Chuck Schumer • Schumer on Obamacare repeal • Tactics: Obamacare should be repealed, not repaired • John McCain on Face the Nation: Why he praised Obama in the Washington Post • 'The President has already changed a great deal' • McCain on bipartisan seating • Rant on bipartisan seating: We worked hard to get the majority in Congress • Audio: Eric Cantor on Meet the Press • Government investment is government spending • Cutting spending as a condition of raising the debt level • Cantor on birth certificate 'crazy talk' •

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LA Times: Jack LaLanne obituary: LaLanne dies at 96
YouTube: Obama Weekly Address, 1-24-11
Wall Street Journal: Obama to push for new spending in State of the Union
Fox News: Obama's economic agenda: Boost US competitiveness
LA Times: State of the Union: Republicans say speech a test for Obama
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Fox News: Chris Wallace with Sen. Mitch McConnell
YouTube: Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC
Fox News: Opening statements begin Monday in AZ 'honor killing'
ABC News: Rush Limbaugh mocks Chinese President Hu Jintao
Oregon Live: US Rep. David Wu loses staffers, political team 
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh made fun of Hu Jintao
Rush Limbaugh: Governor of Hawaii can't find Barack Obama's birth certificate?
The Politico: Hollywood helps Rahm haul in $10.6 million
CNN: Appellate court rules against Emanuel
YouTube: Donald Trump calls China our 'enemy' on CNN
CBS News: McCain: Senate should vote on health care repeal
MSNBC: Eric Cantor on Meet The Press


Anonymous said...

#1 -- The information that is on the Birth Certificate that Hawaii released for Obama has all the needed information to determine Obama's presidential eligibility. The other information available on "long form" type birth certificates is COMPLETELY irrelevant to this.

#2 -- It is crazy talk to try to preach otherwise. It goes against common sense and is quite intellectually dishonest.

#3 -- Out of curiosity, oh seeker of mythical long forms, can you please give me a link to your radio show from a few years ago where you complain about not having seen Bush's long form? I'd be very interested to see what you had to say about that.

Jz said...

-1- Except that many times, back in the early 60s, Certs of Live Birth were given to babies born OUTSIDE the United States as a matter of course.

-2- It is dishonest to deny this.

-3- The Bush family has been here in the United States for at least two generations. Try again.

Thanks for listening though.

Anonymous said...

In reply to your #1 -- That's another half truth. Go read the law concerning babies born outside the U.S. getting a BC in Hawaii. It's true they can get a BC there but it will list the country of origin; You can not have a foreign born child and get a birth certificate for them that says they were born in a city/county in Hawaii.

Hawaii Revised Statutes S. 338-17.8
#1 the law applied to children born after 1982.
#2 You can call Hawaii DEPT of HEALTH *YOURSELF* and confirm that they wouldn't indentify a foreign born child as being born THERE if they applied for a birth certificate - It would list the country of origin on the certificate.

Read the law or keep spreading untruths. Up to you.

I'm done though. There's no sense arguing with someone who has made their mind up to ignore the facts.

I do believe it's quite evil and disgusting for these people to so dishonestly try to destroy the president based on absolute lies. Birthers are an embarrassment and a crutch to the Republican Party and it's no wonder congressmen and republican leaders are always trying to distance themselves from you guys. They know what you say holds no water.

Anonymous said...

Here is more information that you need to see:

The Andrea Shea King show interviewed Terry Lakins brother Greg and the question came up about Terry Lakins daughter who was born in Hawaii -- about her not being able to get a Long Form BC because they don't make them anymore there.... Guess what -- The liars that birthers are; Andrea went back and edited the transcript , censoring what Greg said that would be detrimental to the birther cause...

Anonymous said...

These birthers are willfully lying propagandists doing everything they can to tarnish the presidency of the United States of America.

Can you explain, given the facts regarding their lies, how these people are not enemies of the state?

Jz said...

You should be done, because you're offering up information that does not apply. I'm not repeating myself but to say, it is possible that Obama was born out of the US and did get a COLB from the state of Hawaii - other babies in that era did. Period. End of issue.

Jz said...

I can't speak to Andrea - I don't like her personally but if you don't like something about her show, complain to HER.

But the fact is that in the early 60s they DID have both the short form and the long form. I don't much care about Lakin's daughter - thanks though.

Anonymous said...

Man you are dishonest...

I'm done with ya. Lost what little respect I had for ya.

Have a good life. (with your head in the sand)

Anonymous said...

You keep on making the claim that IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LONG FORM -- Yet I point out to you that even Terry Lakin's daughter couldn't get a long from from Hawaii because they DON'T MAKE EM ANYMORE -- but you still insist "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LONG FORM"

Man, you are one stupid shmuck. I should stop wasting my time with you. The only reason I did in the first place was I thought you had more common sense than most conservatives. Boy was I wrong.

Jz said...

Lakin's daughter has nothing to do with this. You don't argue effectively at all. (1) In 1961, Hawaii produced hospital generated long form birth certificates. (2) We have not seen one for Obama. (3) An article today claims that one does not exist.

What this POINTS TO, whether you like it or not, is that Obama was one of the babies at the time who was given a Cert of Live Birth but had been born outside of the country.

I'm not saying that this is what happened. I'm saying that this is one of the possibilities.

John said...

Michael Stollaire... Who is this guy and where does he stand politically? I don't agree with all of everything GB or Rush or anyone for that matter says, but I do get a sense that he genuinely cares about our future.
If Mike is a conservative, perhaps he could focus his attention on those that intend to do harm to the future of our nation.
And BTW, I like your show...

Jz said...

Michael's website is listed on the right side margin - and he is a staunch conservative.

John said...

"If Mike is a conservative, perhaps he could focus his attention on those that intend to do harm to the future of our nation. "
Any thoughts you would like to share on this?

Jz said...

Michael focuses his commentary on issues facing our nation. He is conservative. I do not know what you are referring to here. Perhaps you should be more specific.

John said...

I guess I just want to say that it bothers me when conservatives are critical of other conservatives. Aren't there bigger fish to fry? I mean, look at all these moon-bat loonies that what to "transform" our nation! Shouldn't that be our focus?
Now you could say that I am being the critical one here. But there is a constructive criticism and destructive...
IMHO, Glenn is trying to do something positive. I don't agree with it all but it sure beats the alternative progressive path.
Thanks for taking the time to read and respond, sincerely!

Jz said...

Your comment is reasonable and I understand where you are coming from. But what I have seen - in terms of Beck's morph into some Alex Jonesy territory, is cause for concern. I think the last thing we want to do is promote hysteria, and yet some conservatives are straying from factual analysis and action.

We're on offense now. Our message to the country should be pure and consistent. Remember, we can't just talk amongst ourselves and be victorious.