Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Rep. Steny Hoyer mystified by angrier Americans
over the last two or three years
2006 Brit movie depicted the assassination
of then President George W. Bush

Irony: Gabrielle Giffords reads the 1st Amendment
Show No. 007-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Liberals are doing what they always do • On calling Obama 'Obozo' • Using an American tragedy as a political football • Homeless radio guy detained by police in LA • Astronaut Mark Kelly, Giffords' husband, angry with rhetoric • Words did not shoot 20 people • Should there be a law against putting a target on someone's face? • Facebook photo of Nancy Pelosi with a bullet hole in her forehead • Audio: Sen. Chuck Schumer on Face the Nation • Audio: Rep. Steny Hoyer on Face the Nation • Angrier environment over the last two or three years • Rant: Using cross-hairs on political literature • Rant: This was a crazy person • Bob Schieffer column on inflammatory rhetoric • Photography link in the show notes • A short list of violence against Republicans • Audio: Keith Olbermann 75% right in thoughtful commentary • Audio: Gabrielle Giffords reading the First Amendment of the Constitution on the House floor •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Commentary by Bill O'Reilly on the immediate exploitation of the Arizona shooting by left wingers • Reading: New York Times editorial • Gun control is coming on strong • Who needs a high-capacity clip? The NY Times tells you • The NY Times says its bad for a member of Congress to legally carry a firearm • Reading: Paul Krugman's despicable piece in the NY Times • There is no evidence that Loughner is any kind of right winger • Audio: Great commentary from Jon Stewart concerning the Arizona shooting • Audio: The View talks about cross-hairs on the New York Post cover • Remember the movie about the assassination of George W. Bush? • Outrageous: People tweeting threats and death wishes for Sarah Palin •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KTLA 5: Homeless radio guy detained by police at Hollywood hotel
KTLA 5: Political outrage after AZ massacre
NY Daily News: Sarah Palin now in 'cross hairs'; Giffords' husband blames rhetoric
CBS News: Face the Nation: Sunday, 1/9/11
CBS News: Bob Schieffer: Rhetoric and its consequences
Denver Post Blogs: Captured in Color: America from 1939 to 1941
Facebook: Violence against Republicans - Short list
Business Insider: Olbermann connects Giffords shooting to Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck
YouTube: Gabrielle Giffords on the House floor reading the Constitution
Fox News: Bill O'Reilly: Murder in Arizona and the gross exploitation of it
NY Times: Bloodshed and Invective in Arizona
NY Times: An assault on everyone's safety
NY Times: Paul Krugman: Climate of hate
Wall Street Journal: Arizona federal judge, John Roll, 63
Wall Street Journal: Jon Stewart's moving monologue on the Tuscon shooting
YouTube: ABC's The View channel
Blogspot: New York Post cover, Peyton Manning with cross-hairs over his face
MSNBC: Bush assassinated? New film depicts it (2006)
YouTube: Twitter users threaten and wish death on Sarah Palin

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