Thursday, January 27, 2011


The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Joe Dan Gorman
Snerdly on the re-segregation of Hollywood

US National debt will soon be 70% of GDP
The Jimmy Z response to the State of the Union
Show No. 019-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • CA State Senator Leland Yee calls for a boycott of Rush Limbaugh • Audio: Leland Yee performs Chinese war dance • Audio: Limbaugh's original offense: 17 seconds of 'ching chow' • Music: Limbaugh sings ancient anti-China song • Yee never said a word about the anti-America song performed at the White House • CA is $26 billion plus in the hole but Yee has time to work on a Limbaugh boycottThe Jimmy Z Show Interview: Joe Dan Gorman • Liberals in music and film • Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney • We are the media now • John Voight posted Joe Dan's article, Vast Right Wing Complacency • Anti-Islam song and video • Music: 'Live To Die', Joe Dan Gorman • On writing and producing music at home • Faith in no God takes more faith than believing in God • Music: 'Watching Freedom Burn', Joe Dan Gorman (lyrics available on the video versions) • Pessimistic or optimistic? • How to buy the CD • Videos embedded at Michelle Malkin and Tammy Bruce •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: State of Dis-Union • Bit: The Jimmy Z Show Official Response to Obama's State of the Union • Audio: Limbaugh on Bachmann's response to the State of the Union • Rant: The GOP should be producing 30 minute infomercials for television • No people of color in the Oscar nominations • Audio: Limbaugh and Mr. Snerdly discuss the lack of black actors in the Oscar nominations • Mr. Snerdly on the re-segregation of Hollywood • Winter blamed on unemployment claim increase • 10 states moving toward proof of eligibility laws for Presidential candidates • The big question: Will the Cert of Live Birth be found adequate? • Kagan & Sotomayor may have blown a chance to stop eligibility challenge in the US Supreme Court • National debt will soon be 70% of GDP • Audio: News report and interview with a Wendy's worker who was beaten by 15 year old girls (I keep saying McDonald's but I was wrong) •


Anonymous said...

Be sure to stop spending your hard earned dollars enjoying music/art from people you disagree with. They are fundamentally different than you. Hell, you might argue that they aren't even human and worthy of your respect. /sarcasm

Seriously, you are such evil divisive people... This country will burn to the ground as divided we are and people like you PROMOTE THE DIVIDE!

Jz said...

Thanks for that - but I have said it before and I will say it again - as long as there are liberal/socialist douchebags such as yourself out there, I am all for division, separation, polarization and partisanship. I like congressional logjams. All of this is good for America as long as the left is pushing socialism. Thanks for the illustration.

Anonymous said...

I'm a liberal douchebag ?

I'm a hard working , HONEST and good human being. (Emphasis on HUMAN ... In your holy war against people who have different political views than you, you tend to dehumanize them so much that you leave that part out)

Anonymous said...

All of this is good for America? WHO'S AMERICA!? America is by it's very nature a melting pot of ideas and ideologies ... You only seem to be a patriot of some imaginary America of only people who share the same views -- "To hell with the rest of America" seems to be your mantra.

Jim Boy you most definitely are not a patriot nor are you pro American.

You also blow so much ass smoke you can't even see through the haze at the bigger picture.

Jz said...

I'll take you at your word that you are honest and hard working - but 'good' is subjective and I'm concerned about the heart and soul of this country. My war is against a philosophy that seeks to destroy this country. I'm not battling against a 'different political view' so much as I am battling FOR truth.

Jz said...

All of what is good for America?

Who's America? Why, the America as outlined in the Constitution of course.

The America I'm talking about is very real, as written up a couple of centuries ago. If you want to make it socialist, or communist -- if you want to force hard working people to pay for lazy people who don't work -- then yes, to hell with you.

John said...

Anonymous is afraid to give his name... could be why he isn't familiar with truth.
Truth has no agenda...