Monday, July 4, 2011


Independence Day: Reviewing the faith of a Nation
Jesus Christ Show, Joyce Meyer talk about America

A real American World War II hero: Louis Zamperini
Show No. 117-2011


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Opening • Friday I said I wasn't going to do a patriotic July the 4th show • Audio: Brother Dave Lombardi: The Christian Heritage of the United States • How quickly liberty can change to tyranny • Declaration of independence • America is worth preserving • Founding fathers believed in God • Quotes from founding fathers • Celebrating the Fourth of July • Bible passages about nations' leaders • Prayer is protected by the first amendment • Inside story about Thomas Jefferson's church/state writing • Brother Dave's father migrated to America from Italy • Ellis Island information about the elder Lombardi • Came to America with $8 in his pocket • America is defeating itself from within • More quotes from founding fathers regarding God • Liberals seek to misconstrue the truth • Elena Kagan • Activist judges • Relying on God • Putting God first in business • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: Is America a Christian Nation? • The attitude of Americans • Why the founders fought so hard for liberty • The founders were theists • Bond between the US and God and Christianity throughout history • Defining the Christianity of America • American faith and culture • Christianity throughout the country • Law enacted to allow students to read the Bible in America • Hospitals, education built upon Christianity • Influence of Christianity through the years • Concluding thoughts from Jimmy Z •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: "Effen", Steve Bryant • Comment from a Mormon on Friday's show • Glenn Beck and his wife attacked in New York • Audio: Breaking down Obama's weekend address on taxes and the economy • Americans worried • Blaming the previous administration • Cutting spending and spending at the same time • Obama talking like a big spending cut President • Tax write offs and tax breaks are 'government spending in the tax code' in Obama-speak • The wealthy are paying more than their fair share of taxes • Audio: Republican weekly address: Dan Coates: No new taxes • Comments from liberals on YouTube • Audio: Joyce & Dave Meyer: Maintaining our Godly Heritage • Knowing our history and our rights • Issues that are removing our rights and privileges • Religion and our country's heritage • The Constitution was written to protect our rights • Dave Meyer speaks about America's heritage • Complaining instead of doing something productive

Hour THREE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music, 'National Anthem', Air Force Glee and Band • More from Dave and Joyce Meyer: The beginning of the Nanny State in the 1930s • The church used to care for people who needed help • The government replaced God • The entitlement mentality • God given rights • As a result of good people not getting involved, we are losing our rights • Voting people into office who will 'bless us' with handouts • On forgetting our path and forgetting God's blessing • Closing comments from Dave and Joyce • Audio: Bill Handel interviews an American hero: 94 year old Louis Zamperini • Olympic runner in the 30s • World War II bombardier • Japanese prisoner, tortured • On turning to God and salvation • Revival tent meeting with a young Billy Graham • Talking about his torture at the hands of the Japanese • Beaten up two hours before the war ended • 'National Anthem', Carrie Underwood • Harvard study says children who participate in patriotic July 4th celebrations more likely to be Republican •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
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YouTube: Obama: 'It would be nice if we could keep every tax break'
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YouTube: GOP Weekly Address: No tax increases
Joyce Meyer Ministries: Maintaining Our Godly Heritage
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel interviews Louis Zamperini
The Jimmy Z Show: Bill Handel: Interview with Louis Zamperini
Wikipedia: Louis Zamperini
LA Times: Harvard study: July 4th patriotic celebrations create more Republicans

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