Thursday, July 7, 2011


Liberal mobs and why liberals act the way they do
Two black men respond to the Neal Boortz 'thug' rant

Casey Anthony thoughts & Ann Coulter's column
Show No. 120-2011

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Opening • Comments on the Casey Anthony verdict • God is the ultimate judge • Give the nod to the jury in this case • Reading: Ann Coulter on Casey Anthony, single motherhood • Glenn Beck's family accosted in New York City Park (continued from yesterday) • Audio review: Beck talks about the incident on his radio show  • How the family reacted • Love is more important • Newsmax article • Audio: The Young Turks talk about Beck's family and the park incident • Nasty comment about Beck's wife • Beck's daughter blamed for being idealistic and innocent • Rant: Jimmy Z talks directly to Ben at The Young Turks • Audio: 'Lazy Talk' comments criticizing Glenn Beck • Audio: Young liberal rant: 'Glenn Beck we hate you' • Name conservatives cannot go out in public • What if Ed Schultz went to a park with mostly conservatives •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Site down temporarily • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • Audio: Ann Coulter on Beck's family being accosted • Liberal mobs and why liberals act the way they do • Reading: Ann Coulter on liberal cowardiceAudio rewind: Jimmy Z on June 20th: Audio: Neal Boortz on Atlanta graffiti guns, and dead thugs • 'Too damn many urban thugs' • Rant: Jimmy Z on what Boortz said • Audio: The Young Turks on Boortz • Audio: Ed Schultz on Boortz' statement • Audio: Ed Schultz on conservatives and racism • TWO BLACK MEN ON YOUTUBE TALK ABOUT NEAL BOORTZ • First commentary: 'I can understand what Neal Boortz is saying' • Race card • Are all blacks criminals? • Guns and the right be bear arms • Guns and Jesus • Black people in prison • Second commentary: Boortz never said 'black men' • Ed was the one who assumed 'black men' • Can't stand the black elite who appear to be for black folks • White folks are ready • The movie 'Rosewood' • Standing with whitey who's on my side •

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Anonymous said...


Schultz in a park with conservatives would have drawn no reaction because conservatives believe in individualism. Although the crowd may disagree with Ed, they'll turn the other cheek and ignore him. That's the ideological thing to do. Morally, it's his cross to bear, so they'll mind their own business. That's individualism.

Beck in a park with leftists would draw a reaction because leftists believe in collectivism. All must tow the line. Those that don't must be forced into doing so and / or cast out through peer pressure and mockery. That's the ideological thing to do. Morally, it's everyone's responsibility to assimilate. That's collectivism.


Jz said...

Thoughtful comment so I posted it, though the 'anonymous' thing is annoying. You can even make up a name (but use it on a regular basis). Thanks.