Friday, July 15, 2011


CA forces schools to teach the homosexual agenda
Whoopi Goldberg on slavery and Michele Bachmann

Marines invite Hollywood actors to the Marine Ball
Show No. 126-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Governor Brown signs SB48: California schools will be teaching homosexual history • What parents should know about SB48 • Rant: Get your kids out of public school • The Unknown Pundit comments on homosexual history • Audio: Comments from Republicans on the deficit reduction talks • Audio: Hypocrite Michelle Obama's 1,500 calorie lunch • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama', Jimmy Z • Audio: Breaking down Obama's latest press conference on deficit reduction •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Two US Marines invite actress Mila Kunis and actor Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball • Audio: US Marine invites Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball • Audio: Timberlake insists that she go to the Ball • Audio: Marine invites Justin Timberlake • Audio: Whoopi Goldberg criticizes Michele Bachmann over signing anti-Sharia pledge • Black families stayed together during slavery • Rant: Whoopi doesn't acknowledge the damage done to the black community by liberalism • Audio: More from Obama regarding raising taxes • Obama claims 80% of Americans want higher taxes • Gas prices: The new normal is $3.50 to $4 • Audio: Harry Reid calls Mitch McConnell's crazy proposal a 'tea party' idea • Audio: Sen. Marco Rubio says Obama competing with Carter for 'Worst President in History' title • Audio: Krauthammer proves Obama is dishonest • Audio: Ed Schultz: Republicans caused these problems • Contest: Which Schultz is more stupid? • Audio: GOP Senators speak out against democrat spending •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Jimmy Z Show: CA SB 48: What Parents Should Know
Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history
Wikipedia: Intersex
The Jimmy Z Show: Comments: The Unknown Pundit
YouTube: 7/15/2011 Republican Leadership Press Conference
ABC 15 Phoenix: First Lady Michelle Obama’s high-calorie lunch raises eyebrows
YouTube: Jimmy Z: The Ballad Of Michelle Obama
YouTube: President Obama's News Conference on Deficit Reduction
YouTube: Marine in Afghanistan asks Mila Kunis to the 3/2 Marine Corps Ball‬‏
CNN: Mila Kunis is officially going to Marine ball
YouTube: Go With Me Justin -- J.T. Called OUT
Fox News: Is Mila Kunis Bailing on Date With Marine to Corps Ball?
YouTube: Mila Kunis Says She`ll Accompany U.S. Marine to Corps Ball
YouTube: Jennifer Aniston calls herself a retard
YouTube: Whoopi Goldberg is Anti-Family (07-11-2011)
Washington Post: Obama’s toughest sales job: tax increases to GOP
YouTube: Obama - 80 percent of Americans want higher taxes
Gas Buddy: Gas Price Historical Price Chart 36 months
Breitbart: Harry Reid: ‘That’s a Bunch of Garbage’
Real Clear Politics: Rubio: Obama Competing For "Title Of Worst In American History"
YouTube: Krauthammer Proves Obama is Dishonest
Real Clear Politics: Schultz: "Obama Has Put The Country Before His Own Political Future"
Real Clear Politics: GOP Senators Object: No Spending Bill Without Budget

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