Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Rick Perry sued for involvement with TX day of prayer
Obama would veto GOP deal with Balanced Budget

Hannity, Ann Coulter and others on Bill Maher
Show No. 128-2011

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Opening • Protesters at Rupert Murdoch testimony because he owns Fox News • Obama will veto Republican package that includes Balanced Budget Amendment • What Obama's $2 billion spending cut would mean to a family with a $42,000 budget • Democrat Governor of Minnesota agrees to Republican budget • This is why Republicans in DC need to stand firm • Homosexuals and liberals go after Michele Bachmann's husband now • Homosexual 'reparative therapy' • Shocker! Christian counseling using Christian therapy • Audio rewind: Obama back in December 2010 talking about tax deal • RNC Chairman Priebus calls for investigation of Obama campaign video • 126° in Iowa • Audio: Reince Priebus talks about spending cuts in Washington DC • Obama deportation plan for illegal alien criminals investigated • Audio: The Five: Discuss Bill Maher's disgusting show on Friday • Audio: WOR: Steve Malzberg talks with Rick Santorum •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban laughing it up on Bill Maher's program • Audio: Rick Santorum on WOR (continued) • Audio: Hannity on Fox News talks about Bill Maher's disgusting show Friday • Call your cable company and cancel HBO • Hannity: Don Imus commented on 'nappy headed hos' and it got him fired • Where are the Republican men defending GOP women • Audio: Bill Maher goes after Sarah Palin's faith over and over again • Audio: School film from 1950s warning children of homosexuals • Music:  'Sugar, Sugar' with Kevin • Archie comics' homosexual character Kevin • Audio: Steve Wynn goes after Obama again on company conference call • Wynn supports Harry Reid • DOT road sign hacked, reads 'Impeach Obama' • Rick Perry sued over day of prayer in Houston by intolerant atheist group • Audio: Ann Coulter on Bill Maher • Audio: John Boehner on Cut, Cap & Balance • Audio: CNN commentator says the Tea Party is 'to blame' for Boehner not cutting a deal with Obama •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Pajamas Media: Spectator Hurls White Substance on Rupert Murdoch During Phone Hack Hearings
Washington Times: Obama would veto House budget bill
My Fox Twin Cities: Dayton Agrees to Republican Budget to End Minnesota Shutdown
Gawker: Marcus Bachmann's Big Gay Mess
YouTube: President Obama on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Extension (Dec 2010)
CBS News: Obama Signs Bill To Extend Bush Tax Cuts (Dec 2010)
ABC News: RNC Says Obama Fundraising Video 'Apparent Crime,' Seeks DOJ Probe
Big Government: Did Obama Officials Lie About Their Stealth Amnesty Scheme?
YouTube: The Five: Bill Maher attacks Conservative Women July 18, 2011
Newsbusters: Rick Santorum Responds to Dan Savage Wanting to Have Angry Sex With Him
Fox News: Did Bill Maher Finally Cross the Line? - Interviews - Hannity
YouTube: Imus Calls Girls Nappy Headed Hoes
YouTube: Boys Beware - 1950's AntiGay Video
Real Clear Politics: Wynn Slams Obama On Business
My Fox 8: Hacked DOT Road Sign Reads "Impeach Obama"
My Fox Lubbuck: Perry faces lawsuit over Christian rally
Real Clear Politics: Ann Coulter Tired Of Free Publicity For Bill Maher
Real Clear Politics: Boehner: "Cut, Cap & Balance" Will Help Stop Spending Binge Hurting Job Growth
Real Clear Politics: Gloria Borger: Tea Party Stopped Obama From Being Transformational

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Brian(Robot) said...

You wondered why Wynn hates B.O. but likes Harry Reed even though both have the same socialist agenda.

Perhaps it's because B.O. is a half) black man.