Monday, July 18, 2011


Bill Maher & guests talk about f*ing Michele Bachmann
Marco Rubio on CBS: Everything worse under Obama

Prayer meeting in Texas with Gov. Rick Perry
Show No. 127-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Bill Maher and HBO lower political discourse to anger f*ing • Vulgarity and nastiness as Bill Maher & guests degrade Michele Bachmann • Where is the National Organization for Women? • Audio: Bill Maher last Friday • 'I hope he f*s her angrily' • Newsbusters article • Dan Savage: Obscene homosexual • Imagine if Conservatives had said something like this about Hillary Clinton • Mediaite website thought it went too far • 2012 is going to be very ugly • Get HBO out of your house • The spiritual angle here: The devil is involved in something this foul and hateful • Music: 'Obama Bin Lyin', by Jimmy Z • Daily Caller on the psychology of attacking conservatives this way • Bill Maher is normalizing sick perversion • Audio: Sen. Marco Rubio on Face The Nation • The bigger issue is the debt, not the debt limit • Everything is worse under Obama • Where is the Obama's plan? • On saving Social Security • Increasing revenue, limiting deductions • Audio: Dick Morris: No retreat, no surrender on the debt limit • Balanced budget amendment •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Blue Suede Show', Jimmy Z • Fun and games with the electronic delay in headphones • More Bill Maher: Comment on Facebook regarding schools teaching tolerance • Audio: Bill Maher on Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann • No substance for not liking Palin or Bachmann • No specifics about political disagreement • 'Crazy people', 'boobs', 'nincompoops' • Four minutes of criticism without any point • Proof I was right: Maher talks about how much he hates God • Liberals still think the F word is cool • 'God, Jesus' dad' has the audience laughing • Misrepresentation of wives submitting to their husbands • Audio: Dan Savage on therapy for homosexuals • Sin is slavery • Savage wants all Republicans f-ing dead • Obama: Donations from grass roots or big time wealthy donors • Obama proposes a 2/10ths of 1% cut in the 2012 budget • Audio: Obama's weekend address • Obama is ready to cut the deficit - yeah right • Republicans must agree to tax increases • Oil company tax increases and the price at the pump • The wealthy and their fair share of taxes • Audio: Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) on the coming day of fasting and prayer • Audio: The Response preview •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Newsbusters: HBO 'Real Time' Guests Discuss Having Angry sex With Michele Bachmann & Rick Santorum
Facebook: Facebook thread begun by listener Kel
Facebook: Facebook thread on Dan Savage, Bill Maher
YouTube: Jimmy Z: Obama Bin Lyin'‬‏
Daily Caller: Bill Maher, Michele Bachmann and anger f*ing
LA Weekly: Savage Love: Testing Polyamory, the Consequences of Anti-Gay Bullying (VULGAR)
YouTube: "Obama Is To Blame For EVERYTHING!" Senator Marco Rubio
YouTube: Bill Maher Targets Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin in On-Air Tirade‬‏
YouTube: Dan Savage takes on Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum on Real Time with Bill Maher
YouTube: Gay sex advice columnist Dan Savage said of Republicans 'I wish they were all f-ing dead'
Washington Times: $35M of Obama's $86M traced to bundlers
Washington Times: Total Obama cuts on table in 2012: $2 billion
Real Clear Politics: Obama Weekly Address: Corporations And The Wealthy Need To Sacrifice
YouTube: Your Invitation To The Response From Governor Perry
YouTube: The Respose: A Call To Prayer For A Nation In Crisis PROMO

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