Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dems urge Obama to bypass Congress on debt ceiling
NASCAR invocation upsets some, delights your host

Donald Trump says that Obama has lost
Show No. 133-2011

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Opening • NASCAR invocation prayer: Controversial or appropriate? • Rant: It's not church, it's NASCAR • Audio: Pastor Joe Nelms delivers the prerace prayer • Audio: ESPN criticism of the prayer • Column written critical of the prayer • Comment from Pastor Nelms (voice by Jimmy Z) • Talking about his family, and his 'smoking hot' wife • Audio: Even the Young Turks get it • Audio: John and Ken interview Dr. Ken Green on The Myth of Green Energy JobsSonlitKnight: Obama in trouble in the battleground states • Below 45% in all such states • Reading: National Journal article • Rep. David Wu announces resignation •

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Opening • You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes • George Carlin: Earth Day • Rep. James Clyburn and other democrats urge Obama to bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling • Audio rewind: Mark Levin on why Obama cannot use the 14th amendment (Hear it all on the Tuesday show) • Democrat John Larson, D-CT, calls for 14th amendment option • Audio: Jay Carney says that the 14th Amendment is not available • Audio: Barbara Boxer says she wants Obama to use the 14th Amendment option • Boxer blames Republicans for the debt by voting for tax cuts; Republicans want the US to be a deadbeat nation • US Debt Clock • Cutting $850 billion over ten years vs. $12T of increased debt • Rant: The family analogy of Boehner's spending cut plan • Audio: Newsmax interviews Donald Trump on Obama, Boehner, and the debt ceiling debate • The Unknown Pundit: Bill Maher's attack on Michele Bachmann • Audio: Dick Morris: Finally, voters understand Obama's policies are to blame • Reading: Dick Morris on Obama's Big Lie: If there's a crisis, it's Obama's doing •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: NASCAR Pastor Prayer
ESPN: NASCAR Nationwide Series prerace prayer another black eye for sport
Hampton Roads: Pastor defends Nationwide invocation, says he didn't want 'cookie-cutter prayer'
YouTube: Nascar Prayer w/ Jesus, Hot Wife‬‏ | The Young Turks
KFI AM 640: The Myth of Green Jobs | John & Ken
National Journal: Obama’s Battleground-State Blues - Josh Kraushaar
San Francisco Chronicle: Oregon Dem David Wu resigns amid sex allegation
The Politico: Obama urged to invoke 14th Amendment as debt ceiling deadline nears
Washington Post: Boehner, Reid scramble to build support for rival debt-limit plans
NY Post: Washington socked by public anger over debt debate
US Debt Clock
Newsmax: Trump: Obama Is 'Now Totally Lost,' Boehner Must Not Fold
YouTube: Now Obama Gets the Blame! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!
Fox News: Fox News Poll: More Say Obama Administration Making Economy Worse
Dick Morris: OBAMA’S BIG LIE

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