Wednesday, July 13, 2011


California Sucks: New homosexual school curriculum
Huffington Post blocks Jimmy Z permanently

Jeffrey Immelt's hypocrisy: Calls on businesses to hire
Show No. 124-2011

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Opening • Quick comment on McConnell's plan (covered in depth yesterday) • Audio: Dick Morris: Raise revenue by shrinking government • The feds own 1 out of 3 acres in the US • Revenues in terms of the debt limit crisis • Same Sex Marriage updates • 5 year old kid on YouTube video takes 35 seconds to go along with same sex marriage • Town clerk in New York resigns over same sex marriage • The Bible takes precedence over man's law • Rant: When a woman stands up for her point of view, the homosexuals hate her for it • Jimmy Z deleted permanently from the Huffington Post! • Andrew Cuomo made same sex marriage a priority in New York • Rant: Conservatives are told over and over again to leave social issues out of their politics • Jeffrey Immelt - in a stunning example of liberal hypocrisy - calls on business to hire employees • Audio: Rush Limbaugh illustrates specifics of Jeffrey Immelt's hypocritical statementReality Check with Michael Stollaire: Raising the Debt Ceiling • Audio: Obama threatens recipients of Social Security checks • Audio: Newt Gingrich's suggestion to Republicans: Call Obama's bluff • Audio: Ann Coulter with Bill Maher: Why would anyone besides a government worker vote for Democrats? • Audio: Richard Jeni on Limousine Liberals • Ann Coulter agrees with Jimmy Z: Everyone should pay something in Income Tax • Rant: We should never allow our military to be commanded by anyone other than the Pentagon and the President •

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Opening • Audio: Clip from All In The Family: Jesus Christ Superstar • Music: 'O-ba-ma baba O-ba-ma', Jimmy Z • Audio: Marco Rubio with Rush Limbaugh • Leverage being used by the left and the right • Obama threatens Social Security recipients • By every measure, Obama has failed • Obama suffers from a lack of competence • The worst possible outcome of the debt ceiling crisis • CALIFORNIA SUCKS: UPDATES AND ANALYSIS • Riverside County supervisor calls on most of Southern California to secede from the state • CBS 2 video not working: Jimmy Z throws a bit of a tantrum • Reading the CBS 2 report • List of benefits of secession from California • Rant: We've had it! • Audio: Possible secession of Southern California • Latest craziness in California: The Amazon Tax and how it affects business • Voters in California • Homosexual history curriculum to be taught in California schools • Jimmy Z impersonation of Social Studies teacher in California • 'Gender issues' • Basing history and social studies on sexual preferences • California trying to abolish the death penalty •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Dick Morris TV: Raise Revenue By Shrinking Government
YouTube: ‪It takes this little boy about 43 seconds to understand gay marriage and decide it's cool
Newsbusters: Hypes YouTube Video of Little Boy Approving of Same-sex Marriage
Reuters: New York town clerk quits over gay marriage licenses
NY Daily News: NY clerk Laura Fortusky resigns in protest of gay marriage
Rush Limbaugh: Jeffrey Immelt Tells Businesses to Hire Even as He Cuts Jobs at GE
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh: Jeffrey Immelt Why Don't You Start Hiring More Employees
CNN: Immelt to jobs summit: Businesses need to do more
CNN: Fortune Global 500 2009: The World's Biggest Companies
CBS News: Obama says he cannot guarantee Social Security checks will go out on August 3
Newsmax: Gingrich: Call Obama's Bluff on Social Security
Mediaite: Ann Coulter Bill Maher
Wikipedia: Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo Talks with Senator Marco Rubio
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh Interviews Marco Rubio
CBS 2 Los Angeles: Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California
SFist: Riverside, Ca. Lawmaker Wants SoCal to Secede
YouTube: Southern California to Secede From State?
CS Monitor: California 'Amazon tax' kicks in – and local businesses could be losers
BallotPedia: California Propn 26: Supermajority Vote to Pass New Taxes (2010)
King 5: California adopts gay history curriculum
Yahoo News: California lawmakers pass bill to teach gay history
ABC 7 Los Angeles: Push to abolish death penalty in California resurges

1 comment:

The Unknown Pundit said...

From a clip played on the Jimmy Z Show, Morgan Freeman has said black history is American history. Likewise, (insert sexual preference here) history is American history.

If homosexuals wish not to be invisible in history, then accomplish something worth of history.

Sexuality is not a historical accomplishment. If the class is an elective credit specifically focused on homosexual history or if accomplishments of homosexuals are proven to be deliberately omitted from general history by intolerant teachers, then there can be purpose to the Californian bill.

Being truly tolerant of race, sexual preference or other category used to classify citizens, is to refuse to call attention attributes which had no bearing on that individual's historical accomplishment or contribution.

Forced acceptance is collectivism. The only history being taught here is destruction of individualism.

-The Unknown Pundit