Friday, July 22, 2011


New polls show that Obama is in electoral trouble
Breaking down latest Obama interview frenz

Did Allen West really have an expectation of privacy?
Show No. 130-2011

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Opening • Overview: Latest on the Allen West Email • Allen West is getting a lot of national publicity, but it's not about the important issues • Can Allen West run for President after this? • National Organization for Women jumps in • Conservatives like Allen West and can't stand Debbie Wasserman Schultz • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z talking about book for teen boys about being good at masturbation • Audio: Lisa Bevere on Life Today had the same experience with her boy • Audio: Mark Levin on Obama's diminishing chances to be re-elected • Obama on Obama's chances • Audio: Breaking down Obama interviews • Same old stuff from Obama • Obama isn't thinking about elections • Four truths about democrats • More talk about 'investing' • Obama's new consumer protection bureaucracy • Jobs created • Disagree without being disagreeable • Obama says he hasn't decided about same-sex marriage yet •

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Opening • Audio: John and Ken talk with a MALDEF lawyer about suing a Big Bear middle school district • Lawyer says she doesn't know what race the teacher is • Lawyer hangs up when asked if she gets a pay check • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about Debbie Wasserman Schultz • Limbaugh points out that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has voted for cutting back Medicare • Why didn't Allen West make that point? • Conservatives are supposed to be focused on truth and facts, not emotion • I expect professionalism from our representatives in DC • Democrats always get a pass by the media: Accept it • All of the fallout is Allen West's fault • Allen West comments from my colleagues at Red State Talk Radio • Two or three folks who agree, somewhat, with Jimmy Z •  Rant:  Allen West had no expectation that this email would remain private • Obama: Don't Ask Don't Tell ends officially on Sept. 30 • 15 GOP Senators sign 'gang of 6' letter •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: Debbie Wasserman Schultz fires back after Allen West email
US News: Allen West Damages Himself With Insulting Email
Fox News: GOP Rep. West: No Apology for Email to DNC Chief
The Jimmy Z Show: Friday, June 14, 2011
Life Today: Kingdom Mission: Interview with Lisa Bevere
Messenger International: Home page
Mark Levin Show: On demand audio
Christian Post: New Popularity Poll Gives President Obama Reason for Doubt
United Liberty: Public Policy Polling: "Obama in perilous shape"
Heritage Foundation: Two Thirds of Americans Support 'Cut, Cap, and Balance' Plan
Forbes: Obama Legacy May Be Withering American Dream
LA Times: Obama says reelection will come down to his record
YouTube: Obama: 2012 Will Be Referendum On My "Stewardship"‬‏
KFI AM 640: John and Ken interview MALDEF lawyer
MALDEF: Home page
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh - Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is A Deranged Nut‬‏
Facebook: Rep. Allen West on Stuart Varney
Facebook: This twitt hack Shultz is waiting for an apology!
Facebook: My Dad's comment on Allen West's email
USA Today: Obama: Military's restriction on gays ends Sept. 20
Newsmax: 15 GOP Senators Sign 'Gang of Six' Letter

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