Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sleazy pole dancing taught to three year olds
Rant: Sexy outfits on girls in public schools

Pawlenty skips chance to slam Romney in person
Show No. 106-2011

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Opening • Big debate last night • Folks impressed generally by Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum • Audio: Bill Handel talking with Charles Payne • Are we out of the recession? • Data doesn't define where America is economically • Audio: Jay Leno's monologue • On returning to the gold standard • Jimmy Z is adult oriented radio • Audio: Anthony Weiner commercial for 'penis cream' • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the feminization of America • Comments by women on ABC about male politicians • Limbaugh montage: The effect of liberal women on men in society • The women Weiner hangs out with • Boys in school, and acting out • Weiner is the posterboy for liberal democrats •

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Opening • Music: The (Anthony) Weiner song, Jimmy Z • Pole dancing classes for girls age 3 through 7 • Sleazy pole dancing taught to little kids after mothers asked for it for their daughters • 6 year old strip-tease in 'Little Miss Sunshine' • Never been to a strip club • Dance instructor denies sexual connotation • Why not have girls in stripper classes? • Audio: Phone call to Rush Limbaugh from Christa • Girls wearing sexy outfits in high school • Rant: Jimmy Z on modesty and young girls dressing 'sexy as hell' • High school book about a boy who enjoys porn and masturbation • Get your kids out of public school • Tim Pawlenty passes on a chance to challenge ObamneyCare and Romney face to face • Audio: Boehner's Weiner joke • Audio: Michele Bachmann announces her candidacy for President •


TruthMatters4Me said...

I read one story about Anthony Weiner a week ago and got bored of it. Then again, I have a life.

I find it hilarious how many conservatives are writing story after story on this; Especially considering the fact that none of the same conservatives made a big deal out of Marc Sanford or the many other conservatives who have been busted for far worse adulterous affairs than Weiner's weiner-capades. When a conservative does it, it's even worse - because they are the ones who go around pretending to be the family values sort. Weiner never made such self righteous claims.

Jz said...

I find it hilarious how many left wingers are so amoral until a Republican slips up. LMAO

TruthMatters4Me said...

"I find it hilarious how many left wingers are so amoral until a Republican slips up. LMAO"

How many is that?

I certainly don't give a flying F when either an R. or a D. ends up getting caught. I find it funny watching the reactions of all the people who seem to get their panties up in a bunch about it though.. get a life will yas!?

People are stupid ...As far as morality goes - I've never cheated on a woman ; I'm only going to be with someone if I love them and if I love em --they are the only one I love ... Same goes with my family who are LEFT of center. Mom and Dad , hard working couple - been together 30+ years and always faithful. Your idea that people who aren't right wingers are immoral is absolutely nuts ...

Jz said...

The issue, my dishonest friend, is liberal hypocrisy. And more important is not that Anthony Weiner is sexually screwed up, but that he brings shame to the House of Representatives, and to his constituents, and many democrats - like you - don't care. That's revealing.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"and many democrats - like you"

Kinda funny how you call me dishonest and a democrat in the same comment, when I'm neither.

Actually I don't vote, never even registered. I don't believe in murder and when someone you elect ends up killing people (Vietnam/Iraq/Abortion/etc) you end up with blood on your hands by helping to pull the trigger in affect. By not voting I avoid that implication.

C-ya mudslinger. When judgement day comes I'll have a lot less to answer for than you.

p.s. I never said I supported Mr. Weiner. Actually quite the contrary.

I just don't like wasting my time on those types of news stories. I don't waste my time on it if it's a liberal OR a conservative they are talking about...

sure, it's a shame people like that are in office. Wish I lived in the 40s or earlier and that's the truth. (Not that things like that didn't happen back then but it wasn't so prevalent) .. perhaps thats why I don't care to spend more than 5 minutes on the issue then move on.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"That's revealing."

What's revealing is your routine pulling stuff out of thin air because you think you "got it figured out" when things couldn't be further from the truth.

I'm passionate about politics and current affairs but I DON'T vote. Probably never will.

I love what this country could have been and I respect past generations but I do NOT respect current generations of people living here enough to vote. People are petty, ignorant, dishonest, greedy, backstabbing - and the people that get voted into office tend to be all of the above and worse.

Despite the respect I have for Obama on many issues I still didn't vote for him. I've long maintained my stance against Abortion - and don't call me dishonest on that you jerk, I've been steady on that issue since I started commenting here ... A vote for him would have been blood on my hands, according to my personal sense of morality.

Jz said...

You don't VOTE? Why am I wasting time on this with someone who is so braindead he doesn't even vote?

Jz said...

That's just psychobabble poppycock. I can't believe you don't vote. What a stupid thing to NOT do. You're done here. All further comments will be deleted before they're posted. You can think anything you want, you can disagree all you like, but you trust some putz revising history as your educator, and then you tell me you don't even vote. What a loud mouth idiot you are.

Jz said...

I apologize to any of my listeners or readers who have read comments or heard Adam on the show. I never knew until today that he never voted and never intends to vote.

Jz said...

Adam - you're a very emotional cat. LOL, be listening, I'll have some fun at your expense with these unpublished messages. Good Lord man, you don't even vote! Superputz.