Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Jimmy Z's theory on Sarah Palin fully revealed
Obama is still getting 50% approval by voters

Palin may run for Jon Kyl's senate seat
Show No. 097-2011


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Opening • Sarah Palin's Bus Tour • Is Sarah Palin the one? • The left wing media 'afraid of' Sarah Palin • Audio: Dick Morris on Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin • Palin vortex sucking media attention away from other GOP candidates • Audio: Martin Bashir on MSNBC accuses Palin of breaking federal law with her flag themed tour-bus artwork • MY THEORY ON WHAT SARAH PALIN IS UP TO • Why did Palin move to Arizona and how that figures into a run for president • Controversy left in Alaska, didn't run for Senator there • Chances of victory in Arizona much higher • Palin would consider running with Mitt Romney • Obama is still getting 50% approval • If Obama wins a second term, we need the majority in the Senate • Jon Kyl not seeking re-election • Palin can help other Republican senate candidates • Palin would have four years to prove herself as Senator • Palin would be poised to run for President in 2016 without having to face Obama in the race • Obsession with the birth certificate still exists online • Audio: Scotty McCreery testifies at Disneyworld •


John said...

Too much time is being given to Palin. Although I do agree with your remarks...
The fact that Dick Morris likes Mitt Romney shows a like of credibility.

Jz said...

She is what's happening now, though. That bus tour is eclipsing all - even my show!

John said...

That may well be true.. but not for me... Not complaining, just how I see it. I like her, but don't feel she is relevant to the presidential election. I find it baffling how she is sold out to McCain... burrrrp!