Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Retroactive sentences release 12,000 crack criminals
Peoria update: The mob story looks to be true

Big Grocery strike coming to Southern California
Show No. 114-2011

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Opening • TSA adult diaper story update • TSA claims they did not insist the lady remove her adult diaper • Privacy concerns • Wheelchairs spark pat-downs • Rant: If the procedures are necessary and right, why would you avoid patting down children? • Audio: Colon Flow commercial • Follow up: Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann if she is a flake • Conservatism and defending Michele Bachmann • Audio: Mark Levin's comments regarding Michelle Bachmann and the flake question • How conservatives are treated by the media • Stipulating to Michele Bachmann's character • Left wing media attack conservative women: What else is new • 'Punch them in the face' • On remaining calm and unemotional in debate • Levin: Wallace is trying to score points in the media • 'Open season on conservatives needs to be confronted' • What does it mean to show the media that we are not going to put up with it? • Rant: Most of us know the media is left wing • Liberals enjoy it when conservatives complain about the media • Levin talks about  the question itself • On disagreement with Levin or Limbaugh • Wallace's interruption during the same sex marriage answer was more rude • Forget boycotts • How can we respond to the left wing media to tell them we've had enough? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Unknown Pundit: A funny thing happened on the way to the voting booth • A hint to guess who the unknown pundit is • Music: New song: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama' • Lyrics change • Browser locks up a second time • Audio: Dick Morris: Holder and Obama to release crack criminals • Another shocker from Obama • Retroactive sentencing • Audio: Rally in support of grocery store union workers • Taking a look at their Facebook page: Truth-out & the AFLCIO • Rant: Why would you strike with 20% of Californians unemployed • Neighbors rally for grocery workers? No, it's the SEIU and organized labor • Strikes benefit the unions, not the workers • Back in 2003, a five month strike set workers back years • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama' with harmonica and juice harp • Black mob in Peoria updates: Looks like the story is true • News articles elaborate on the story • Links from the Peoria Chronicle • Apology to Shey on YouTube • Audio: Shey's YouTube recitation of the original Peoria article •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: TSA defends removing adult's diaper for pat down
NY Daily News: Officers did not make 95-year-old with leukemia remove adult diaper
Boston Globe: TSA denies ordering cancer patient to shed diaper
KTLA 5: TSA Diaper: TSA Removes 95-year-old Woman's Diaper
YouTube: Colon Flow commercial
Mark Levin: The Mark Levin Show
YouTube: Dick Morris: Let Crack Criminals Out of Jail?
ABC News: Rally held in support of grocery workers
Facebook: Good Jobs Los Angeles
Facebook: Javi Ballesteros
Gather: Was Peoria Terrorized by a Racist Mob Friday?
Peoria Star Journal: Some claim reports of racist Peoria mob are exaggerated
Peoria Star Journal: Mob incident not motivated by race, authorities say
Peoria Star Journal: Peoria councilwoman, neighborhood activist at odds
Peoria Star Journal: True or not, account of 'mob' story spreads fast
YouTube: ‪Peorians Living In Fear- A dramatic reading


freetv said...

definitely some mob material going on. once again, great show.

Jz said...

Thank you very much.